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A couple of years ago, I was struggling with the decision as to whether or not I should get rid of various things that I never seemed to use. It was that point when I stumbled across these top 5 ways to use leftover rubber & felt furniture feet pads and haven’t looked back since.

So, if you have the same issue with those fluffy little buggers lying around your place, accumulating like a useless pack of Tribbles from Star Trek, then read on to learn how you, too, can get further use out of them, once and for all.

1. Keep Wall Decor in Place Using Rubber Pads

how to use Rubber bumper pad on picture frame
1 or 2 rubber pads used to keep a picture in place.
  • Use 1 or 2 pads (or more) on the corners or along the edge of your wall art and pictures to keep them in place.
  • Helps speed up dusting time when you don’t have to worry about things shifting

I initially got the idea of using rubber bumper pads for wall decor from my mother. Initially, she wanted to use them to keep her pictures in place. This was more so the case during earthquakes, occasional doors slamming, or even the hard-walking upstairs neighbors.

I quickly learned that the bumpers didn’t just keep things in place. They also helped me out while I was dusting and sped the whole process up. Honestly, out of the majority of chores that I’ve wholeheartedly disliked throughout most of my life, dusting would have been one of them.

Those small, insignificant bumpers ended up turning into a small yet awesome blessing in disguise. I no longer had to retrace my steps to straighten pictures or wall art, which saved me minutes and gave me fewer excuses.

Between that alone and also buying a better duster, more efficient duster, I learned to enjoy dusting. I even started to do it as part of my weekly cleaning chores.

3. Turn Items Into Non-Slip

A pile of leftover rubber feet

Even though bumper pads are generally designed to protect surfaces, adding them to the bottom of items can be a great way to keep them where they’re supposed to be. Just as rubber pads can keep wall decor in place, they do the same for table or countertop items that might get moved when dusted, bumped in to, or jostled.

Another area where this can come in handy is in drawers. If you have problems with junk or utensil organizers continually moving out of place, use rubber pads underneath them to keep them in place. Once again, because items won’t be continuously moved about, you can avoid having to rearrange or reorganize things later.

Some of the other items I’ve found useful to make non-slip include:

  • Underneath laptops
  • Drawer organizers and bins
  • Pet bowls
  • Food containers
  • Table or countertop knickknacks

4. Protect Furniture & Make Heavier Items Easy to Move

For some reason, felt pads are probably my favorite to use out of the 5 ways to use leftover rubber and felt furniture pads. While they’re great for protecting the floor, they’re great for plenty of other uses as well.

  • Place felt feet or furniture pads under heavy items to make them easier to move, even by yourself
  • For appliances, you can use felt feet or appliance moving pads

Make Cleaning Easier & Faster

Using them on chairs and other types of furniture helps me to move them easily, quickly, and without damaging the floors.

I often like to treat my cleaning sessions as though I were playing a game, making it a point to move and finish as fast as I can. Sometimes, that might mean that I’ll even work against a timer. The pads come in handy with this since I don’t have to pick anything up or get slowed down.

I notice the most benefit whenever I’m vacuuming or mopping the floors. I tend to finish faster and have fewer steps, such as moving chairs individually. Since there are fewer steps, that means I have fewer reasons to procrastinate or not do it more consistently.

Move Heavy Items With Ease

Felt pads and bumper pads

The second benefit where these leftover furniture pads can come in handy is with moving bigger, heavier, and more cumbersome items. This typically includes items that are on hard floors but might not otherwise be easy to move on one’s own due to their weight or size.

A good example of this would be major appliances, like a stove. I can quickly move my oven by myself now because I have felt feet attached to the bottom.

As I mentioned in my 10 Things You Might Be Forgetting to Clean At Home post, I find this really handy when I’m doing spring or seasonal cleaning since I usually don’t want to wait for someone to help me. Because it’s so easy to move, I’m also willing to get under the stove to clean far more often.

Types of Heavy Items That Felt Pads Can Be Beneficial for:

  • Stoves/Ovens
  • Dining chairs and barstools
  • The dining room and console tables
  • Couches and chairs
  • Large planters and pots


In the end, there are probably more than these 5 ways to use leftover rubber and felt furniture feet pads, but it’s been a lot of fun experimenting with different things to see what else might work. So far, I would have to say that the coffeemaker tray trick and the time-saving furniture moving hacks are my favorite.

Have any clever ideas for rubber or felt bumper pads? Comment down below! 

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