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Hate cleaning or find it hard to stay on top of it all? That’s why we love maintenance cleaning, which can significantly speed up cleaning make it easier and provide a number of other benefits and perks.

Here are our top 15 favorite benefits that you can gain from maintenance cleaning chores and routines for the ultimate cleaning motivation.

What is Maintenance Cleaning?


Maintenance cleaning focuses on preventing messes in advance and cleaning things before they occur, typically through maintenance cleaning chores, scheduling, and maintenance-style cleaning methods.

Examples of Maintenance Cleaning

The Benefits of Maintenance Cleaning

Here, you’ll find what we consider to be the best benefits that you can gain from doing maintenance cleaning chores or by incorporating maintenance cleaning methods into your normal cleaning schedule.

1. There’s less effort involved.

  • When you add maintenance cleaning to your cleaning schedule or routines, you’re likely to discover that there’s a lot less effort involved.
  • When less effort is required to clean, it can be highly motivating — particularly if you dislike cleaning, overthink it, and/or tend to procrastinate.
  • You’ll also be more than likely to keep at it due to positive reinforcement.

2. It provides longer-lasting results.


Maintenance cleaning can typically provide longer-lasting results after deep cleaning certain rooms or items.

A good example of this might include deep cleaning the refrigerator, which can often be time-consuming if not kept on top of regularly.

If you were to do chores that focused on refrigerator maintenance cleaning on a weekly or monthly basis after deep cleaning it, the fridge would likely require fewer deep cleaning sessions throughout the year and less time to deep clean.

3. You get to enjoy a cleaner-looking home.

  • Another motivating factor that you gain when you add maintenance cleaning to your cleaning schedule and routines would be having a consistently clean-looking home.
  • Not only does maintenance cleaning allow you to keep a cleaner-looking environment, but your new “norm” for a messier home will likely become a whole lot cleaner than most people’s, including your own.
  • Having a routinely clean home as a result of maintenance cleaning can result in fewer reasons to feel embarrassed or stressed due to when guests drop by, even when unannounced.

4. It’s easier to break up or customize your cleaning.

  • Maintenance cleaning tasks can often be a great way to break down large cleaning projects into smaller, more manageable cleaning sessions.
  • Breaking things down into smaller chunks can be beneficial when you’re low on time, energy, or motivation.
  • You’re basically cleaning something before it truly has a chance to become to dirty or messy.
  • You can set a timer or block amount of time to get the job done to hyperfocus on the task, helping you to save time while avoiding distractions.

5. Cleaning sessions become faster.

  • As mentioned in the previous listed benefit, maintenance cleaning can help you clean faster since there’s far less effort involved due to having less of a mess to clean up.
  • Cleaning tasks that might take thirty minutes to an hour or more to do will likely require just a few minutes to accomplish, and others may only take less than a minute or two to complete.
  • As a result, you’ll likely feel more motivated to keep up the good work.

6. Once difficult or time-consuming tasks suddenly get easier.

  • Time-consuming or difficult cleaning chores or areas tend to become faster and easier as a result of routine maintenance cleaning chores.
  • Again, much of this is due to the concept of preventing messes before they become an issue and cleaning things before they become truly dirty.

7. You start to clean more consistently and efficiently.

  • Since maintenance cleaning encourage consistency through weekly chores and monthly cleaning tasks, you are likely to become naturally consistent and more efficient with your cleaning in general.
  • Over time, you may even find that cleaning becomes more of second nature or a habit, which can help make the process even easier.

8. It makes deep cleaning or seasonal cleaning easier to do.

As you continue to practice maintenance-style cleaning chores and routines, you’re more than likely to see a big difference in the amount of time it takes to do once-time-consuming deep cleaning sessions.

In fact, many people tend to notice how quarterly cleaning, such as Spring Cleaning, often becomes much faster and far easier to do, especially when compared to traditional methods of cleaning and scheduling.

9. It can be more motivating.

  • When there’s less effort or time being spent on cleaning, you’ll feel more motivated to work at being consistent with it.
  • Seeing a regularly clean home, or even waking up to one, can be highly motivating and may increase your mood and sense of accomplishment.

10. You and others in your household may adopt better cleaning habits.

  • As cleaning becomes easier and faster for you through maintenance cleaning methods, you’re likely to experience yourself and others adopting natural cleaning habits.
  • Another area where people notice better cleaning habits forming when they are in regularly clean environment as a result of doing maintenance chores on a routine or schedule.
  • As a result, messes get noticed faster and are more likely to be dealt with as they occur rather than getting left behind or going unnoticed. More so since most messes and clutter will probably stick out like a sore thumb.

11. You can focus on other important tasks more.


One area where maintenance cleaning tends to shine the most is when it comes down to your personal time and schedule.

Since maintenance cleaning helps to reduce cleaning time and effort, it’s likely to make it easier for you to focus your time on other tasks or more important things. Like rehashing the long-lost ’90s through another Friends marathon — or, in my case lately, Star Wars animated shows and that crazy Korean zombie drama, Kingdom.

12. You eventually become more proficient with your cleaning.

  • When you’re consistent with cleaning, you eventually become more practiced and efficient with certain cleaning tasks and method. Some people even find that it becomes so second nature that they hard have to think about it.
  • You’ll also be more than likely to become more proficient at cleaning as you experiment through trial and error and customize your cleaning methods or scheduling, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

13. You’ll find it easier to relax and reduce stress.

  • Because maintenance cleaning often results in a cleaner-looking home that’s easier to maintain, you’re more likely to experience less stress and more relaxation, making it an important asset.
  • Having less mess and clutter lying around can also result in less visual overstimulation, which can sometimes cause a significant amount of stress on a subconscious level.
  • This is why hotels, model homes, and homes in magazines typically appear to be so inviting — there’s usually less less clutter and mess lying about.

14. You gain more “free” time.


As mentioned previously, maintenance cleaning can reduce the amount of time it takes to clean a room or item. As a result, you’ll have more free time to focus on other areas of your life.

15. You may become more productive in other areas of your life.


Few things help to motivate people into doing something that they may not want to do or like doing than positive reinforcement.

  • One way to gain positive reinforcement with cleaning is with far easier and more manageable maintenance cleaning, as opposed to traditional cleaning methods or schedules that tend to take more time and a lot more effort.
  • And as you start to see how maintenance cleaning can make cleaning in general faster to accomplish, more efficent, and much easier to maintain, you’re more than likely to gain a sense of accomplishment, proactiveness, and productivity that can leak into other areas of your life.



In this post, we covered some of the best motivating benefits that you can gain as you start to implement and practice various maintenance cleaning chores, maintenance cleaning schedules, and methods based around maintenance cleaning.

These chores can typically be customized and adapted to suit your preference and household’s needs, including when it comes to frequency. This is regardless if it’s for daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal cleaning sessions.

Main Benefits of Maintenance Cleaning

  1. There’s less effort involved.
  2. It provides longer-lasting results.
  3. You’ll be able to regularly enjoy a cleaner-looking home.
  4. It makes it easier to break up or customize your cleaning.
  5. Cleaning sessions will become faster.
  6. Once-difficult or time-consuming tasks suddenly get faster and easier.
  7. It allows you to clean more consistently and efficiently.
  8. It makes deep cleaning or seasonal cleaning much easier to do.
  9. Having easier and faster cleaning sessions can be motivating.
  10. It can help you and others adopt natural cleaning habits.
  11. You can focus more on less frequent household and personal tasks.
  12. It allows for improvement and efficiency in cleaning.
  13. You may find it easier to relax or to reduce stress.
  14. It may allow for more “free” time to focus on other things.
  15. You may become more productive in other areas of your life.

Happy Cleaning 🙂

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