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Looking for ways to make cleaning your bathroom faster and easier? Check out our top 14 tips on how to easily and efficiently speed up cleaning your bathroom.

1. Make it a daily habit.


Add cleaning and tidying up the counters into your daily routine.

This step takes less than a minute and can be a super effective way to speed up cleaning the bathroom more deeply or thoroughly.

Plus, in order to get the task done properly, you’ll have to make sure that items are put away and that the surface is clean.

You can also add in newer chores or habits to work on as needed, once you accomplish turning the initial tasks into a habit.

2. Keep the space minimalist.


Don’t leave a lot of items or clutter sitting out on a normal basis, such as having too much decor, knickknacks, toiletries, etc.

Go Minimalist to Speed Up Bathroom Cleaning

  • Try to put away items that don’t belong sitting out as soon as possible, keeping out items that you either need easy access to on a regular basis, plan to use soon in the same or following day, or like to have sitting out as decor.
  • Taking this step will also significantly speed up cleaning your bathroom while doing both regular and deep cleaning sessions.
  • Having fewer items sitting out in the open will help you spot messes more readily and any items that don’t belong sitting out.
  • You’ll be more likely to tidy up naturally and consistently when you make it a regular habit to keep your bathroom decluttered and tidied.
  • Decorate and organize your bathroom space as though you were going to show it on Instagram or have guests over. This is called a Reset Look, which is something you can make a point to return a space to each day after waking up or evening before going to bed. When you do so and try to keep it that way consistently, it will eventually become the new norm and something you’ll naturally want to keep in check.
  • Remember, the fewer items you have sitting out in a room, the easier it will be to maintain and the faster it will be to clean. It will also look and feel considerably better, less stressful, and more luxurious.

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3. Stash makeup and toiletries away ASAP.


Get into the habit of putting makeup and/or toiletries away in a designated spot once you finish using them.

You can speed up this process by having bins, trays, and organizers that will help keep items in one place while allowing easy access and quick storage.

4. Wipe things down as you get dressed.


Try to get into the habit of cleaning up your bathroom as you get dressed to make cleaning your bathroom faster and more of a natural habit.

Doing just this simple step alone can make a world of difference in bathroom cleaning speed while eliminating some of the ick factors that can sometimes put people off.

Dirty Tricks for a Quick Wipe-Down

  • After you brush your teeth or hair at the counter, make an effort to rinse and/or wipe the counter and sink down. You can easily do this with a nearby cleaning cloth or some toilet paper. Best of all, it only takes a few seconds.
  • When cleaning, try to “dust” the toilet, mirrors, or other surfaces with a dry piece of toilet paper or other items before wetting the surface with whatever cleaning product you prefer. This way, you’ll spend less time cleaning up any lint or debris since it won’t be smeared all over the surface of the toilet once products are sprayed on it.
  • You can make cleaning the bathroom toilet faster and easier by wiping the toilet clean now and then by using a scrap piece of toilet paper to clean the rim of the toilet after each use–especially for males. Some females may prefer to clean under the toilet seat and the rim itself on occasion, too. 😉

5. Stack chores to form habits.


Stack one chore on top of another related to it and turn it into a habit.

You can easily create a habit of cleaning up after yourself by stacking that desired habit onto something you already do well, willing, out of habit, or need to do consistently.

Example: As mentioned in the previous step, you can wipe the sink right after brushing your teeth or hair. Or, before you empty the bathroom trash, consider cleaning the toilet first–more so if you use disposable toilet bowl brush heads.

6. Keep it consistent.


Stay consistent.

You can achieve this by practicing maintenance cleaning, having a good cleaning schedule, and splitting tasks up between morning chores and nighttime cleaning chores.

It also helps to stay consistent when you seize opportunities throughout the week to tackle super-quick or convenient chores as they come up.

This is the Way

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7. Give everything a spot or home.


Have bins, containers, or baskets for things like makeup, toiletries, hair products, etc.

As mentioned in Step 3, organizers can make cleaning, moving, and putting away items immediately into drawers, cabinets, or closets easier and faster.

Bathroom storage organizers can keep things corraled or in place, rather than items rolling around everywhere and making a bigger mess.

Organizers are also great for containing spills, debris, leaks, and other issues that can be harder to clean up since they can be cleaned in the sink or dishwasher.

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8. Multitask to speed up bathroom cleaning.


If you use a paper towel, a piece of scrap toilet paper, or a cleaning cloth to wipe down something like the counters, see if you can still use it to clean another item in the room when appropriate and sanitary enough to do so.

This might include something like the rim or seat of the toilet after cleaning the counters or mirror. In fact, you could probably do both the kitchen and bathroom counter in under two minutes if you hustle.

Also, don’t hesitate to use the bins and organizers to transport them from or to their designated spots as you clean cabinets, drawers, or closets for faster cleaning results.

9. Work your way down.


Try to work your way from the top to the bottom of the room when wiping things down. It’s also good to make sure that you work from the cleanest to the grossest or most contaminated surfaces and items.

This way, you’ll get more out of whatever cloth, paper towel, or toilet paper you use. You also won’t have to clean areas twice should any debris fall at a later stage in your cleaning, which can help you avoid having to do unnecessary steps.

10. Sometimes, it helps to start small.


When in doubt or lacking the motivation, start small. Maybe you’re not up for cleaning the entire bathroom, and that’s okay.

If you feel unmotivated, lacking energy, or don’t have the time to clean, start by tackling one or two items or settling for a mere 2 to 5 minutes and see how much you can get done.

You can always do the other chores during the days that follow.

11. Strengths vs. weaknesses.

determine-strengths-and-weaknesses-to-learn-how-to-speed up cleaning the bathroom

Taking the time to learn about your cleaning strengths and weaknesses can really speed up cleaning your bathroom and make the process of doing so more efficient.

Jedi Mind-Trick Yourself

  • Think about where you struggle with cleaning, regardless if it’s concerning a certain item, room, motivation, time, or level of consistency.
  • Find ways to harness your strength to improve upon other areas where you might have trouble with cleaning.
  • Discover what cleaning tools, products, methods, or routines suit your cleaning personality the best or can help speed up the process. This might involve gadgets, spiffy cleaning appliances, and tools.
  • Does it help to do things more frequently or less frequently? Sometimes using a specialized routine or cleaning schedule, such as with morning cleaning routine chores vs. nighttime cleaning routine chores, can drastically improve your cleaning mojo.
  • Where do most of your messes occur in the bathroom? The counters? Sink? Shower? Note these areas and determine how you can work towards problem-solving the situation. This is might mean cleaning more frequently or discovering alternative solutions, such as having storage bins and organizers than usual to corral wayward toiletries.

12. Pick what suits you.


As mentioned in our previous cleaning tip on cleaning your bathroom faster and with more efficiency, sometimes the cleaning tools, cleaning products, and methods you use can be major deciding factors in how efficiently and quickly you clean.

If your bathroom cleaning products or methods aren’t working well, you’ll be less likely to stay on top of cleaning the bathroom more frequently. As a result, you may develop issues with procrastination or overthinking the process of cleaning the bathroom.

In the end, just keep in mind that it’s usually easier to clean a space before it actually needs to be cleaned.

13. Do a routine purgefest.

rethink-cleaning-and-make-it-about-you-to-help-you-speed up cleaning the bathroom

Bathrooms tend to be one of the worst spots for clutter and often need to be routinely decluttered as products and messes continue to accumulate throughout the year.

Clutter is also one of the main causes of a messy bathroom. And having too much clutter also increases the amount of time it might take to clean most areas around the house.

This can be more so the case when it comes to unused shampoos and conditioners, unwanted soaps, trash, makeup, razors, and the seemingly never-ending piles of nearly empty bottles of bathroom bits.

Fill the bathroom with items that you actually love to see or that are beneficial when sitting out. You can donate, sell, or give away items to friends and family any items that you no longer need or don’t want to throw away.

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14. Rethink it.

rethink-how-you-look-at-cleaning-the-bathroom-in-order-to-speed up cleaning the bathroom

Sometimes it helps to rethink cleaning and gain a new perspective on it.

Looking at cleaning from a different perspective can be beneficial, especially when people or certain cultures and societies tend to be naturally conditioned to view cleaning as something negative, even as early as childhood.

Discover Your Golden Carrot

  • What motivates you to clean? Find an incentive and try to change your perspective about cleaning by looking at the positives and benefits.
  • Learn your ‘why’ for keeping a clean bathroom and staying on top of it consistently. For instance, it can be motivating to know that you can clean your bathroom faster and more efficiently when you stay on top of cleaning it regularly and before it gets dirty. Or maybe you’re sick of how long it takes to clean.
  • Entertain yourself with music, audiobooks (my fave), or a podcast.
  • Reward or incentivize yourself with something during or after your daily bathroom cleaning routine or weekly cleaning schedule. Maybe this means a good cup of coffee after tidying up your bathroom in the morning. Or perhaps it means an at-home spa treatment or a night with Netflix or football game once you’re done getting the task done.
  • Watch or read about others who are into cleaning, such as on Youtube or via cleaning blogs. Sometimes, even just watching someone else clean can feel motivating.
  • Read how-to books on cleaning or research different methods to see what might work best for you.

Tell us your cleaning tricks or tips for cleaning the bathroom in the comments below.

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