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Updated: April 1, 2021


You might be wondering what’s so appealing about the Contain the Clutter Ziploc Accessory Bags? We honestly wondered the same thing. So we bought a few sets to see what they were all about, only to wind up buying a whole bunch more.

Read on to see why, how they work, what doesn’t work about them, and whether Ziploc accessory bags from the Contain the Clutter line might work for you and your organizing needs.

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Update: (5/07/21) Ziploc has added to their design collection for the Contain the Clutter accessory bag lineup. They are now offering up some ridiculously charming paradise- or island-themed bags as their Boho collection, toucans and all, and seemingly ousting the original versions and labeling them as Limited Edition as far as we can tell. Click here to check them out.

What are Ziploc Accessory Bags?

Sometimes referred to as Contain the Clutter, Ziploc Accessory Bags are reusable bags that are ideal for organizing and decluttering non-food items.

Ziploc Contain the Clutter bags can be handy for organizing certain areas such as bathrooms, bags, desks, suitcases, and purses. They’re ideal for random areas, from your favorite junk drawer to your car’s glove box or storage spot. They’re also sometimes referred to as the Ziploc makeup bag or Ziploc organizer bags.

Check out Ziploc’s quick Contain the Clutter accessory bags video:

Where to Find Ziploc Accessory Bags

The Ziploc accessory bags were initially only sold at Walmart and as 5-pack sets, with each group based on a specific size, Essential Stuff or Skinny Stuff, as well as with different design styles, Boho, Charm, and Chic (see below for more details).

The 5-pack sets are slowly becoming more available at places like Amazon.

Ziploc has since started to offer their accessory bags as a 10-count option, too, which you can also find at other stores such as Amazon. The 10-count combination set offers users five each of the Skinny Stuff and Essential Stuff sizes and comes in different design packages.

We’ve also been spotting the Contain the Clutter bags in a 15-pack set at none other than Costco lately, and they’re, of course, marked at a fantastic price. You can occasionally find them in other stores, like Amazon, typically through 3rd party sellers. So far we’ve seen the 15-pack in the Chic and older (discontinued) Boho style.

You can find out more information on the design combinations and the two sizes, Essential Stuff and Skinny stuff, as well how they work or differ below.

Get Ziploc Accessory Bags

Update: (5/07/21) Ziploc has added to their design collection for the Contain the Clutter accessory bag lineup. They are now offering up some ridiculously charming paradise- or island-themed bags as their Boho collection, toucans and all, and seemingly ousting the original versions and labeling them as Limited Edition as far as we can tell. Click here to check them out.

What Do Ziploc Contain the Clutter Bags Do?

Sometimes called just Ziploc organizer bags or Ziploc makeup bags, the Contain the Clutter accessory bags currently come in two different sizes, Essential Stuff and Skinny stuff, and as a 5-piece set.

You can also get Ziploc Essential and Skinny stuff bags in 10- and 15-piece combination sets featuring both sizes, though the 15-piece combo set is a little harder to come by currently, often being found at Costco when they have it and later sold by 3rd party sellers.

Each set features bags with different-looking graphics, and the collections currently revolve around three different designs: Chic, Boho, and Charm.

They can be great for designating specific or similar items and functions while organizing because of their different looks and combinations. I also found that the differing graphics made it easy to quickly identify what I was grabbing, saving me a surprising amount of time and guesswork.


  • Come in 5-, 10-, and occasionally 15-pack sets.
  • Different style options include Boho, Chic, Charm (subject to change).
  • Conceal contents but also keep them identifiable to some extent.
  • Contains small items such as makeup, hair accessories, travel bits, bathroom drawers, small office doodads, purse and bag clutter, etc.
  • Can help save space by causing contents to be more compact.
  • Graphics make items more identifiable and thus easier to grab.
  • Reusable and washable.

About the Contain the Clutter Line’s Design Factor

The material is a thicker, semi-transparent plastic that differs from traditional sandwich bags. Thanks to the sturdier plastic, they’re far more durable, reusable, and easy to clean, too.

I also wind up appreciating the semi-transparent material since it makes the contents inside the bags more private. This means that you could probably, say, take out a bag that has tampons inside it in front of your friends—or a blind date, if you’re feeling daring—and they likely wouldn’t notice.

Ziploc accessory bags review

How Ziploc Contain the Clutter Accessory Bags Might Benefit You

The Ziploc accessory bags differ from their sandwich-holding counterparts in another way: they cause items to stack on top of one another. As a result, you wind up getting a more compact fit. This may sound like a small feat, but I thought it was a pretty clever way to eliminate unnecessary clutter and save space. 

However, how the bags can condense the amount of space used depends on the size you choose—the larger Essential Stuff size or the smaller Skinny Stuff version. I find the Skinny version seems to help save space when dealing with smaller items such as lip balm, hair ties, lipsticks, pens, etc., causing the contents inside to stack on top of one another for a more compact fit. (Links jump ahead)

Either way, they save space and help keep things organized, and they help prevent accidents, such as leaks, spills, and mars, which I often have issues with.

Essential Stuff Bags


The Essential Stuff version promotes space-saving benefits but also features an expandable bottom.

Because of their expanding capabilities, they’re fantastic for bulky items, travel, or for simple grab-and-go convenience, though I pretty much use them as makeup bags at the moment. And, because of its expandable bottom, the bag also stays upright while in use.

I love using them for sheet masks, travel-sized bathroom items, car must-haves, serums, a complete kit of makeup, nail polish, etc.

  • Size: 5.125″ x8.125″ x 4″
  • Has an expandable bottom.
  • Great for traveling
  • Works as a small makeup bag
  • Good for bin, drawer, or cupboard/cabinet organization.
  • Ideal for your purse, bag, carry-on, work bag, backpack, car, desk drawer, etc.

Skinny Stuff Bags (3.875″ x8.125″)           

A Ziploc Skinny Stuff Bag

The Skinny Stuff version of the Ziploc Accessory bags is suitable for anything from pens, hair ties, that candy you shouldn’t have but do anyway, down to your favorite lip balm, as well as that hand sanitizer you always wish you’d brought with you but never seem to.

As I mentioned earlier, the Skinny Stuff version’s compact design causes the contents to stack on top of each other, helping to save on horizontal space. Its design is quite similar to old-school pencil bags. 

I love using the Skinny version in purses, my desk drawer, backpacks, or regular bags in particular. In fact, using them in my purse is actually what prompted me to purchase more sets and far more than I probably needed.

  • Size: 3.875″ x  8.125″
  • The bag helps stack and condense your belongings for a more compact fit
  • Great for small items, such as mascara, hair ties, pens, blush, lipstick, eyeliner, pens, pencils, paper clips, a small yet essential makeup travel kit.
  • Ideal for your purse, bag, carry-on, work bag, backpack, desk drawer, etc.



The Skinny Stuff Bag even gave me a bit of a fun Harry Potter moment. 

Even though my purse was practically overflowing with clutter, the Skinny Stuff bags left me with a surprisingly tidy purse. After using them, things went from their usual chaos and disorganization to suddenly being neat and orderly. It even went from me not being able to close the zip to having empty pockets, too.

I think it may have even been the first time I’ve seen my purse with empty sections and pockets, like magic. And it really did make me think of Perkin’s Magic Tent—that ever-ending bag-turned-tent in Harry Potter. 


  1. Are Ziploc Accessory Bags food safe?
    • Ziploc has stated on several product listings that their Contain the Clutter Ziploc Accessory Bags are not meant for storing unwrapped food(s) and loose consumables(s) like medication, gum, vitamins, or mints.
    • If you’re looking for something that’s food-safe, you may want to use reusable freezer bags instead of the Ziploc accessory bags.
  2. Can you heat stuff up in a Ziploc accessory bag?
  3. Can you put Ziploc Accessory Bags in the dishwasher?
    • There is no indication that the Contain the Clutter Ziploc Accessory Bags are considered safe and should likely be washed by hand, as instructed on the Ziploc website. Consider dishwasher-safe bags that are similar to Ziploc accessory bags.
  4. How do you clean Ziploc Accessory Bags?
    • According to the Contain the Clutter page on the Ziploc Website, Ziploc Accessory Bags can be wiped clean using a damp cloth. We have also had some success with soaking them in a sink or bowl full of warm water and mild dish soap.


Although basic in their design, these Ziploc accessory bags are great for space-saving storage. Above all, they’re also an excellent choice for organizing—especially in the smallest of spaces. Best of all, they’re durable, affordable, and able to suit a wide variety of needs.

Things We Love

  • Keeps items visible yet discreet.
  • Inexpensive, versatile, and durable.
  • Excellent for a bag, desk, backpack, carry-on, drawer, car, and purse organization.
  • Classier, sturdier, and more efficient than regular Ziploc bags.
  • Users can grab by sight rather than guesswork alone.

Things That Could Be Improved

  • Mostly only available at Walmart and Costco, although some versions are now being more widely sold at places like Amazon.
  • Some styles and their graphics as well as their overall branding could be better.
  • Not clear if the line is limited edition or likely to stick around.

Ziploc Contain the Clutter Accessory Bags

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • Space-saving
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Discreet yet contents remain somewhat identifiable to user
  • Allows for easy access and organizing (via pattern)
  • Can be customized further with labels
  • Various styles and sizes to choose from
  • Reusable and washable
  • Versatile for various kinds of organizing and places
  • Not as widely available online unless currently
  • Ziploc zipper sometimes slips off, as it tends to do on their sandwich bags, but easy enough to put back on.
  • Their marketing and branding (i.e., sizing vs. packs vs. names vs. styles) of the product line is a little confusing, which can sometimes affect finding it online properly, but that might also be on the stores.
  • Ziploc seems to switch up their lineup, such as with their Boho collect, and are dubbing them Limited Edition now (05/07/21).

Get Ziploc Accessory Bags

Do you use Ziploc Accessory bags? If so, what do you like using them for the most? Comment down below! For more nifty storage solutions, check out our review on the Clevermade Collapsible Laundry Tote 2-Pack.

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