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You may or may not be wondering why a cleaning blog would have a review on cookies. And, if I’m honest, I was half-wondering the same thing when I started writing it.

But just as I was about to go full-blown Cookie Monster on these delicious, bite-sized Thinsters Coconut Cookie Thins from Costco—fueled by an impassioned sugar rush and practically annihilating them in one fell swoop—I felt that it was my duty to get readers addicted too. I mean, why not, right? Right.

So what makes these bite-sized CookieThins so popular and addictive? Grab a cookie and read on!

In this post…

*Not sponsored but probably should be. Call me anytime, Thinsters.

Why Coconut Thinsters Cookies Kind of Rock and Disappear So Fast

CookieThins Thinsters in Toasted Coconut

I don’t know what it is about Thinsters Coconut Cookie Thins, but it’s pretty much been love at first bite.

I’m not even a huge coconut fan, so it caught me off guard a bit—especially since it was one of those typical impulse buys I seem to struggle with any time I venture into the merciless spending void that is Costco. Plus, impulse buys for me usually have 50/50 odds, and I figured I was overdue for a bad compulsive purchase. Apparently, not this time!

It’s like the time you had a crush on that one guy (or gal), and you didn’t know why. You even found it annoying yet also couldn’t stop yourself or the obsession building within. He just sat there, looking like a mouthwatering and ever-tempting morsel of hot—I mean, the cookies just sat there, tempting you as any self-respecting cookies should. #Memories

There’s just something truly delicious and horribly addicting about the sweet-but-not-too-sweet bite of awesomeness and simplicity that you get from Coconut Thinsters that has me hooked. 

Well, had. They’re gone. Now I’m left jonesing, cookieless, eagerly waiting for my next fix. Thus, the horribly addicting part.

It’s like that saying, “Welcome to the Dark Side. Have a cookie.” These would probably those cookies. Sure, they look relatively harmless on the surface, even a bit boring, perfectly fitting the Golden Child cliche. But once you’re hooked…you’re hooked. Like, the jumbo Costco-sized bag is already gone in a week, so you blame it on the dog, catyour mother or Aliens, cos now they’re legit, and why are my pants so tight lately kind of hooked.

CookieThins Toasted Coconut (External Link, New Tab)

Anyway, they’re gone. And, yes, my FitBit and my conscience have been yelling at me ever since. No, I don’t care. It was for the Greater Good, and I’m all about the Greater Good.

Besides, according to the Great Wiki, a drupe (apparently what a coconut is also referred to) counts as a fruit…or nut. Therefore, I choose to dub them both fruit and nut servings—purely for scientific purposes, of course.

I mean, 1 gram of fiber and 62mg of potassium has to count for something, right? Damn right. They’re essential.

Flav-ah Profile, Texture, and Overall Yum Factor


The only way I can describe the overall texture and flavor of Coconut CookieThins Thinsters Cookies would be to compare it to the slightly disturbing idea of a generously sweet American cookie and a somewhat bland European cookie (not including Biscoffs, which are delicious) having a baby. Then Thinsters might be that baby.

Like a miracle baby.

The Short and Sweet (Skimmer’s Summary)

  • Sweet but not too sweet
  • A serving of 6 cookies is 150 calories
  • Perfectly bite-sized
  • Crunchy but no break-your-tooth crunchy
  • Somewhat reminiscent of a coconut-y Biscoff miracle baby
  • Great with coffee…not that we’d ever eat cookies for breakfast. Ever. Pfft!
  • Good for sweet-tooths
  • Severely addictive, but it’s for the Greater Good. So it’s okay, theoretically.

The Flav-ah and Yum Factor

I don’t feel like I’m eating pure, unadulterated sugar. Heck, did we not already establish how there’s even a little nutrition involved? Why, yes. Yes, we did.

At the same time, Thinsters in Toasted Coconut aren’t so bland that I’m left wondering if I’ve accidentally grabbed the dog’s biscuits. Or maybe one of those cookie imposters pretending they’re healthy while claiming they taste oh-so-good at the same time but lied, and lied a lot.

The Thinsters toasted coconut flavor is low-key and bears a definite hint of vanilla. I also detect a carmelized or molasses-type flavor, too, similar to a Biscoff. Best of all, they go great with coffee. And anything that improves my beloved coffeetime more is my happy place.

Because I’m not a foodie with sophisticated tastebuds and a slew of fancy descriptions, I’ll say they’re delicious. That is, of course, unless you hate coconut, which just means more for us normal folks. #ThanksforPlaying #ByeFelicia

The Toasted Coconut Thinsters offer enough sweetness to sate most sweet-tooths and even kept me from diving into that pint of coffee Hagendaaz that beckons from the depths of our freezer. That’s something, right? See…Greater Good.


The Texture

I love their thinness, which seems perfect—not too thick but also not so thin as to seem stingy to the common cookie consumer. Or leaving you thinking you could’ve saved some money and just overbaked some cookies at home, as you might be prone to doing, all while making the house smell blissful. Or perhaps burnt, in case you got a little over-enthusiastic or distracted with social media or gaming.

Coconut Thinsters seem to have just the right amount of crunch.

The Size

Their size is also awesome—perfectly bite-sized, to the point where they almost help you feel less guilt and shame. Yet there’s still enough substance to them that you aren’t left feeling sorry for a weak and runtish cookie.

But at 150 calories per serving of six cookies, they make a great-tasting and reasonably substantial snack that’s easy to digest, physically and emotionally.

Assuming you can control yourself.  If you can’t control yourself, just go back to the default “less guilt and shame” mode (a.k.a. denial) and have fun.

Where to Buy Thinsters Cookie Thins


You can find the largest bag of Thinsters Toasted Coconut Cookie Thins (formerly Mrs. Thinsters, I believe) at Costco when they have it available.

But, seriously, who wants to wait?

Luckily, other sizes are typically available at places such as Walmart and Amazon online. You can also buy them directly from the Thinsters site.

For other offline/brick-and-mortar options, you may be able to spot them at Albertsons, Krogers, Walgreens, Safeway, Target, Walmart, and so on. For an up-to-date list, check out the Thinsters website.

Available Sizes


Thinsters Cookie Thins come in regular-sized 4-ounce bags and also 16-ounce packages.  They’re often sold in 2-packs or even in 6-Count and 24-Count Variety Packs, depending on where you purchase them online.

Costco, being Costco, offers the Toasted Coconut in generous 19-ounce packages when they’re in stock. ‘Cause, you know…when does Costco ever have the Bad Stuff in normal-sized portions?

Never. That’s why we love Costco. And then they go and take them away for months, if not indefinitely, just to torture us. #Enablers #Showoffs

If we protest, maybe they’ll carry some of the other flavors. #FreetheCookie

Current Flavors Available

While I’m sure their list of flavors for Thinsters Coconut Cookie Thins will grow in the future, here are some of the options you may be able to find. Some of their more obscure flavors may be available on their site or elsewhere as they become more widely available online or in stores. Or so we hope!

Chocolate Chip

Vanilla Bean

Key Lime

Meyer Lemon

Brownie Batter

Dark Chocolate Peppermint

Pumpkin Spice

Toasted Coconut

Dark Chocolate Coconut

Cookie Conclusion

Neat-ish Rating Below

To be honest, I’m a little scared to try the other Thinsters cookies. Meyer Lemon and Brownie Batter may be my undoing—both emotionally and pants-wise, leaving me grabbing the nearest “comfy” pants at any given time.

And what if the Chocolate Chip is like how I wish Chips Ahoy would taste like but never do? Chips Ahoy, even when fresh, are at least bad enough to resist eating the whole packet in one sitting. Usually. Post-breakup and lousy blind dates excluded, of course.

I’m not sure I can handle actual good store-bought cookies. That I can order online. Whenever I want. Without getting off the couch.

All in all, these ultra-tasty Thinsters Coconut Cookie Thins are a great treat, even if a slightly addicting one. But stay clear if you’re on a diet! Nom, nom. In any case, I might need to start going to meetings, not to mention walking 10K daily again. Worth it? Heck yes. 😀

  • Love the sweet but not too sweet profile
  • A serving of 6 cookies is 150 calories
  • Perfectly bite-sized for all of us Cookie Monsters in the world. Nom, nom, nom.
  • Crunchy but no break-your-tooth crunchy texture
  • Somewhat reminiscent of a coconut-y Biscoff miracle baby
  • Great with coffee…not that we’d (or anyone should) ever eat cookies for breakfast.
  • Good for mild to severe sweet-tooths symptoms
  • Severely addictive, but it’s for the Greater Good. So it’s okay, theoretically.

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Toasted Coconut CookieThins

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


  • Um…Yum!
  • Come in a variety of sizes
  • More flavors to choose from (the better to get you addicted to, my dear…)
  • Bite-sized
  • Not too sweet, not too bland
  • Decent amount of calories
  • Portion-sizable
  • Shareable, not that we’re suggesting such unfathomable practices
  • Now available in more locations, such as Amazon


  • Horribly addicting
  • Not for the coconut hater (pfft…)
  • May require more exercising

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