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When it comes to small spaces or dealing with clutter, shoes can often be one of the main culprits to cause trouble. And after moving into a much small living space and basically no closet space, I definitely had this issue to contend with.

To combat this within our own home, we decided to check out the storageLAB Under Bed Shoe Organizer, 2-Pack to see how it would help wrangle my sad but steadily growing shoe collection. They also offer a single-pack option along with other types of organizers, as well as another color option in the warmer color straw.

Did the storageLab shoe organizer help me transition from a 3-bedroom house into a small bedroom and help me find space where the closet doubles as my office and any storage is already limited? And will it be the right fit for your household? Read on to find out!

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Looking for a similar option with wheels? Check out storageLAB’s Under-bed Storage Solution with Wheels, 2-pack, which we’ll be reviewing soon.

3. Why we chose under-the-bed shoe storage over other options.

We had several factors that required careful consideration in order to get the best shoe organizer for our individual situation. This is why we often stress to consider your space, such as the type of function you need, and how many items you need to house both now and in the future, before making purchases.

Some of the things I found myself ask were pretty much aligned with the more common questions running around on the Internet. What is the best shoe organizer? How do you organize shoes in a small space? How can I organize my shoes without space? Or, “why do I have so many freaking shoes in the first place?”


The appeal factor.

What appealed to me the most about storageLAB products as I was first looking for organizers were how good their products looked and how they consistently rated well with customers, ranging anywhere from 4.5 to 5-star ratings. I even found that I’d click their products without realizing it, only to see their name once the listing opened.

But the main draw for me was because their stuff just looks good and well thoughtout.

Here are a few factors we kept in mind while searching for the best shoe storage solution:

What storage situation we needed to solve:

  • No closet space due to converting it into an office niche.
  • Limited storage.
  • Small bedroom.
  • Limited wall space.
  • Very limited storage space to work with.
  • Needed as much of a clutter- and distraction-free place as possible due to work.

– Types of options we considered:

  • The basic shoe rack or shelves
  • Shoe cabinet (i.e. IKEA)
  • Modular shoe boxes/cubes
  • Door hanging racks
  • Closet hanging racks
  • Under-the-bed
  • Individual shoe racks
  • Clog up a closet shelf or several dresser drawers
  • Go minimalist and start donating (doh…)
  • Single shoe slot organizers

– Why we opted to get under-the-bed storage:

Because I wanted to make the room feel as spacious and clutter-free as possible, yet only had so much space to work with, we felt that an under-the-bed option would make for the best shoe-storing solution.

I’m not usually a fan of stowing things under the bed because I’m also not too fond of fishing things out from underneath furniture whenever I need something.

Plus, there’s always the issue of cleaning to consider. Things such as dust, fur, and debris tend to get trapped under beds, especially when things are underneath it.

It’s also hard to motivate yourself to clean under your bed in the first place, much less when you have to move things to get the job done.

Even so, shoe organizers can generally make things easier since they help contain the items in one or two mobile areas, which are usually easier to take out all at once vs. one-by-one.

There were also a few things about certain organizing options, like the storageLAB organizer, that helped change my mind about it too.

– What features were we looking for in under-the-bed shoe storage?

  • Something that would be easy to access.
  • Anything that wouldn’t break the bank.
  • An organizer that was multifunctional.
  • Space-saving options, both with the shoes and the organizer itself.
  • Something easy and quick to clean around to keep me from procrastinating.

4. What features stand out with the storageLAB under-the-bed organizer?


I chose the storageLAB organizer over the many other options similar to it because of the clear top and having handles that appeared decent-looking, sturdy, and functional.

I knew I wanted a dust-free solution and, because I’m a bit lazy, something I could easily retrieve and gain access to. And I wanted something that would easily let me see my shoes. Otherwise, I’d be a lot less likely to use them while they were tucked away, out of sight and out of mind.

One thing I wasn’t aware of while purchasing the product yet ended up loving was the Velcro used with the dividers. I love how they make the system is customizable.

It not only allows me to accommodate various shoe sizes and heights or widths, but it also lets me store boxes, purses, and knee-high boots as well. When I looked back to see if other options had this feature, not many showed up in my search.

The other selling point is a pretty obvious one: over 800 4.8-Star ratings on Amazon to date.

  • Clear top for easy viewing
  • Generous amount of sturdy handles for quick grabbing
  • Removable dividers
  • Strong, durable, and well-made
  • Highly customizable, from flip-flops to knee-high boots, sweaters, and purses.
  • High star ratings
  • Good-looking and versatile
  • Stackable
  • Slides easily from under the bed
  • It can carry a lot of weight
  • Allows you to easily view what’s inside
  • I’m not bothered to grab them once or twice a week to get a vacuum under the bed because they’re durable and easy to maneuver, which I found surprising

5. Specifications/FAQs:

  • How many per pack: 2
  • Number of many shoe compartments: Up to 12*
  • Colors: Grey and Beige
  • How many shoes can it hold: up to 12 pairs*
  • What size shoe does it hold up to: “Women’s Size 12 or men’s size 10.5 shoes. Bigger shoes can fit horizontally.” [According to their Amazon Listing.]
  • Size: 30” x 24.5” x 5.3”
  • Handles: Yes, on 3 sides.
  • Material: exterior side walls – woven polyester; all other surface fabrics are non-woven fabric; structural supports – plastic; transparent top cover – PVC [per storageLAB].
  • Are dividers removable: Yes.
  • Can you stack them? Yes, assuming you have enough room under your bed (measure first).
  • Are there wheels? No, there aren’t any wheels, just a smooth bottom.

Note: 12 pairs of shoes, or 12 compartments, is what the organizers are designed initially to hold. However, you can potentially contain more, depending on the size or type involved (i.e., flip-flops vs. hiking boots). Your actual shoe size may also impact the compartment size, such as significantly larger men’s sizes.

6. What we liked about the storageLAB shoe organizer:

While various under-the-bed options are similar to the storageLAB shoe organizer, the storageLAB under-bed storage organizer has a few features that we love in particular. And we feel those same features help it stand out from the rest of the competition.

1. It’s super customizable.

As mentioned before, I wasn’t expecting the system to use Velcro. The Velcro allows you to make the compartments pretty much any height. It wasn’t something I commonly saw in the many other selections online either, if at all. But it truly makes these shoe organizers more versatile and functional.

I’m pretty much your standard Chuck sneakers and boots kind of gal anymore. I also tend to skip heels since I’m almost 6 feet. However, the organizers do handle heels quite nicely in either case, and I was glad to see my shoes fit as well.

Being able to control the compartment sizes to some degree meant that I got to use the product to house average-sized shoes and boots, purses, and basically whatever else I wanted. I loved this!

In fact, I’m planning to use the second organizer to store off-season clothing, bedding, and whatever else I can squeeze in with any other shoes I find in our moving boxes.

Huge bonus, if you ask me!

4. It’s easy to store and remove from under the bed.

Some of the other things I try to look for in pretty much anything I purchase for the house is how is it might be to handle, clean, etc.

And I was happily surprised to see that the organizers aren’t just easy to assemble and take apart, but they’re also easy to store and surprisingly compact. This scored big points for me since I’m already limited on space.

  • storageLABS-shoe-under-the-bed-organizer-low-profile
  • compact-shoe-organizer

10. It has a spiffy clear top.

If there’s one thing that sold me on this unit, it would be the clear, see-through top that neatly zips open and closed. I’d seen it on a few other options, particularly on Amazon, but not often with some of the other features on top of it.

What’s great—and maybe even crucialabout having a clear top on your under-the-bed storage is that you don’t have to take out the entire thing, much less open it up only to see what’s inside.

This helps make these particular shoe organizers, along with your shoes, much more accessible and easier to get to. All in all, they allow you to save time and effort as well.

At the same time, your shoes and other items have some protection and can stay dust-free year-round. I also feel that this makes the unit much more cleanable, which we always love to see. The container itself is easy to keep clean and dust off when necessary.


It’s also ideal for folks, like me, who aren’t always aware of what they have and who might be bad at swapping out things like shoes or purses for a little variety.

11. Able to hold some boxes and even knee-high boots.

As I mentioned previously, these under-the-bed shoe organizers by storageLAB are fantastic for customizing and overall versatility.

I was thrilled to see how I could easily squeeze my knee-high boots, a large shoebox, and even some purses inside, rather than only what I could fit into an average-sized shoe compartment. This was a major bonus, given how I’m limited on storage.


I’m even planning to use the 2nd organizer for off-season attire and possibly for housing my sheets and extra bath towels.

13. Low profile.

The storageLAB shoe organizer is great for situations where a lower bed is involved.

The organizers feature a low-profile capacity of 5.3 inches, allowing them to fit underneath many low-profile bedframes while still being able to accommodate shoes and a variety of other things you might want to store.



All in all, we were really impressed with its level of customization, functionality, and overall ease of use of the storageLAB Under Bed Shoe Organizer, 2-Pack. But since no two households are alike, here’s a quick recap of where we feel the organizers might be the most beneficial.

Who the storageLAB Shoe Organizer might be good for:

  • Households with limited storage space.
  • Individuals who lack actual physical space for their shoes.
  • Folks who have more than just a couple of pairs of shoes. This 2-pack organizer holds 12 shoes per organizer.
  • Individuals who wear Women’s US Size 12/Men’s US Size 10.5 in or smaller.
  • People who want to be able to customize what they store and how they store it.
  • Those who are more visual and like to see what options they have to choose from.
  • Anyone who prefers out-of-sight-out-of-mind organizing systems or craves less clutter.
  • People who want to contain the mess and clutter that usually comes along with owning shoes in general.

Who the storageLAB Shoe Organizer might not work for:

  • People who have a considerable amount of shoes (24 or more).
  • Those who prefer to have better visibility and direct access to shoes.
  • People who like their shoes on display.
  • Individuals with really large shoe sizes (larger than a Women’s Size 12, or Men’s Size 10.5, US).
  • Anyone who might be bothered by bending over to retrieve shoes or to put them away regularly.
  • Folks with bad backs, hips, or joints and who need to avoid bending over too much. You may prefer their organizer with wheels instead.


StorageLAB Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer, 2-Pack

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