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The O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop is easily one of the most popular mops on the market, but how well does it actually work? More importantly, how well does it rate when compared to other methods and options available?

Keep reading our in-depth, hands-on review of the OCedar Spin Mop & Bucket System to find out. You can also skip ahead using the main bits listed below.

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Many factors contribute to spin mops, like the O-Cedar Mop, being the most popular choice for most households, particularly when compared to traditional mops, such as needing to make fewer passes with the mop.

Here are a few other comparisons to consider…

How Does the O-Cedar Spin Mop work?

No, Digby, that’s not a new i-Fetch
  • Using a spin mop is a lot like a traditional mop; only you wring it out easily by using the spin mechanism.
  • Control the wetness or dryness of the mop head by using the spin mechanism feature of the no-slip bucket and a few presses of the foot pedal to wring it out for you quickly.
  • The microfiber cloth picks up dirt, debris, dirty water, and more, resulting in fewer passes with the mop.
  • Speed up drying times at the end by drying the mop head out as much as possible using the Easywring spinning mechanism.

Using a spin mop like the O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket feels a lot like using a traditional mop and bucket, and the mop head is basically like a regular string mop. The main difference between this system and traditional mops is the spin feature and how much faster it is.

Plus, spin mops have the additional benefits of controlled wetness vs. dryness, among other factors. Much of this is thanks to the spin mechanism and the microfiber head, which does a great job of sopping up dirty water and dirt, debris, and other particles better than most traditional options.

As with traditional mopping, the main goal is to go over the floor with hot, soapy water and then rinse afterward using the mop and just plain water until the flooring is cleaned.

This may require changing out the rinse water several times over, depending on how dirty your floors are.

Some people use plain water to mop since microfiber tends to clean well on its own. However, this can depend on how dirty your floors are or what you’re attempting to mop up.

For tips on how to wash and maintain your O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop heads, along with your microfiber cleaning cloths and products, check out our post on 14 Tips How to Wash and Maintain Microfiber Cloths, Towels, and Pads.



The O-Cedar EasyWring Mop and Bucket System is likely one of the most popular mops in today’s market—especially where spin mops are concerned. Much of this is due to its overall effectiveness, durability, and affordability, along with a few other exceptions.

Here are a few stats, facts, and what we personally noticed:


  • Extendable handle, between 32″ to 56″ (some sources say 51″).
  • A washable, good-quality microfiber head.
  • A sturdy foot pedal for the EasyWring agitator.
  • Affordable mop head replacements.
  • Hands-free operation and wringing.
  • Replaceable OCedar spin mop parts (i.e., mop head attachment)
  • Easy to store and clean.
  • Great for getting at some types of baseboards.
  • Corner-shaped head.


  • Some people with super-glossy laminate flooring reported streaks after mopping.
  • Missing a scrub brush attachment would be fantastic to have for grout.
  • Although plenty tall for me (5ft10), some mention wanting a longer handle.
  • The mop head could use a bit more density & weight for better scrubbing.
  • A 2nd agitator inside the bucket for better rinsing would be great.
  • It could be prettier and—well, it’s red. What’s with these cleaning-based companies and red?

The Quality of the Microfiber on the Mop Head is What Counts


Oftentimes, microfiber-based products are only as good as the quality of microfiber that’s used on it. The same goes for mopping products that use microfiber, which many spin mops do.

In fact, it’s the microfiber that tends to make spin mops, along with the spin mechanism, shine the most.


1. What floor cleaner solution do you use with the O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop?


O-cedar Easywring Rinse Clean Spin Mop & Bucket doesn’t mention a specific type of cleaner to use with the O’Cedar Spin Mop. However, they do mention that you should not use any bleach or fabric softener, just as with most microfiber products since it can ruin the microfiber itself. So that likely includes any cleaning product with bleach.

You’ll also want to avoid fabric softeners and try to keep the heads separate from other items in the wash to avoid lint.


Keep reading for instructions on using the O-Cedar mop, including tips, or scroll further down to watch their video.

You can find O-Cedar’s other videos here.



I had to buy the O-Cedar spin mop when my other, far more expensive mop (Mopnado) broke before its first year was up, and no way to fix the situation without having to fork for a completely new one.

While the O-Cedar didn’t have all the bells and whistles of the Mopnado, such as wheels, soap dispenser, and a 2nd agitator inside the bucket, it ended up being more durable, longer-lasting, better priced, and worked almost as well performance-wise.

And the Mopnado cost twice its price.

It would be a great choice for pretty much any household—especially when it comes to getting a deeper clean than what other options can achieve on their own. I like to use ours as my go-to for deep cleaning the floor, and our Rubbermaid Reveal for quick maintenance cleanings once a week.

Above all, people who traditionally hate to mop might also enjoy the benefits of having a spin mop, and the O-Cedar manages to highlight many of those perks at a fair price.

Highlight Perks:

  • Long mop handle
  • Angled, corner mop head shape
  • Inexpensive mop head refills
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Good rinse agitator
  • High-quality and effective microfiber mop heads (compared to lesser-quality types commonly found on the market).
  • Swivel head
  • Easy and quick to use
  • It cuts mopping time in half (compared to traditional mops and proper mop methods)

So far, we don’t plan on switching anytime soon unless I decide to do another review. We’ll see!


Would We Purchase the O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Again?

Short answer: Yes. In fact, I’ve purchased it twice now.

It was actually one of the first things I immediately replaced my original Ocedar when I moved and left my old O-Cedar mop behind. I realized then how much I liked it when I found I hated mopping with my mother’s various floor tools and mops in comparison, including ones I’ve previously owned too.

Final Tip

Make sure to purchase extra mop head refills. This way, you’ll be able to wash more at the same time and will always have a clean one available each time you mop.

And regardless of which mop brand you get, we always recommend spin mops. Just make sure to check reviews, particularly video ones, and that the microfiber mop head is of good quality.

Keep scrolling or skip to the official Neat-ish rating and the Pros and Cons section.

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O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System






Ease of Use




Microfiber Quality



  • Can get into corners
  • Good flexibility/maneuverability
  • Above-Average Microfiber Head
  • SplashGuard Technology
  • Great no-slip bottom


  • No soap dispenser
  • Lacks 2nd agitator/spinner for bucket
  • No wheels
  • Doesn't get grout
  • Some w/ high-gloss laminate reported streaking

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