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Looking for the best laundry hamper that’s space-saving, collapsible, and able to carry full loads of laundry? Keep reading our review of the CleverMade Laundry Backsak LUXE w/ shoulder straps to see pictures, videos, what we liked & disliked, and how well it performed for this hands-on, in-depth, and tested review.

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What is the CleverMade Laundry Backsak LUXE?


Sometimes referred to as the Clevermade Laundry Backpack LUXE Hamper & Tote, the Clevermade Laundry BackSak is designed to be worn on the shoulder, by hand, or as a backpack.

The Backsak is more of a large and durable tote bag or backpack rather than a traditional laundry hamper basket, such as what we covered in our CleverMade Collapsible Laundry Basket review.

Key Features

  • Carries up to 40 pounds
  • Has strong shoulder straps that easily shift from “Backpack Node” to “Shoulder Bag Mode”, or even “Handheld Mode”
  • Features a brown leather, snap-button closure and shoulder strap handles
  • Easily wiped clean
  • Can be used in a number of rooms or settings, whether on the floor, stowed in a drawer, or hung up on the wall
  • Provides a small, zippered compartment inside for small items (e.g., delicates)

Product Specifications

Here’s some information on the Clevermade Laundry Backsack LUXE specifications.

  • Open Dimensions: 17.5” L x 6” W x 21.75″ H
  • Product Weight: 1 lb.
  • Weight Capacity: 40 lbs.
  • Material Type: Polyester
  • Origin: China
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  • Clevermade-Laundry-BackSak-LUXE-Backpack-Tote-Review-Neatish
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  • Clevermade-Laundry-Shoulder-Bag-and-Backpack
  • Sturdy-handles-on-the-Clevermade-Backpack-Shoulder-Bag-Luxe
  • The-Clevermade-Backsak-is-well-made
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  • Clevermade-Backpack-Laundry-Bag-Leather-Closure
  • Clevermade-Laundry-Backpack-Shoulder-Bag-Tote
  • CleverMade-BackSak-Luke
  • CleverMade-Backpack-Backsak

Ideal Uses for Clevermade Laundry Hamper Backsak

The Clevermade Laundry BackSak can be used as the ideal laundry hamper bag for a variety of people, events and settings.

Ideal Uses

  • Multistory homes
  • Large homes
  • College students and/or university dorms laundry bag
  • Traveling (car)
  • Apartment buildings with shared laundry
  • Coin ops / public laundry facilities
  • Public pools and beach trips
  • Certain events: outdoor activities, moving, storage, sports equipment, toys, etc.

Here’s a quick example of a similar Clevermade laundry bag tote by the company that comes in two different stripe variations and a slightly lower weight capacity.

Click here for more details and the product page.

Pros & Cons

Here you’ll find some of the mentionable Likes and Dislikes that we discovered while using the Clevermade LUXE Laundry Tote Shoulder BackSak for several months.

Differences Between the Backsak & Duffle Bag

At first glance, the CleverMade Laundry Backsak Luxe Shoulder Bag and Backpack Tote and their Laundry Duffle Bag Luxe Backpack look very similar, but they still have a few distinct differences when it comes to looks, overall features, performance, and function.

Below, you’ll find some of the key standout features and differences between the two items. We’ve also included any product videos that might be available.

LUXE Shoulder Backpack/Backsak

LUXE Dufflebag/Backpack

Colors: Teal/Coral; Cream/GrayColors: Mocha/Cream; Charcoal/Cream
Dimensions: 17.5″L x 6″W x 21.75″HDimensions: 15″L x 15″W x 21.5″H
Weight: 1 poundWeight: 1 pound
Closure: Button SnapClosure: Drawstring
Weight Capacity: 40 poundsWeight Capacity: 40 pounds
Bag Shape: RectangularBag Shape: Circular
Carry Mode: Shoulder Bag/BackpackCarry Mode: Backpack/Over-the-Shoulder
Get the BackSakGet the BackSak

Psst… Looking for something to take to the beach? Check out the beach version of the BackSak that comese in two fun, colorful, and extra-stripey color options here (new tab).


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The CleverMade BackSak Laundry Should Bag and Backpack Tote can be ideal for a variety of different needs and settings, whether if that involves a large household, single apartment, traveling distance, or to be used in a college dorm room.

Top 3 Favorite Things

  • The shoulder straps on the Clevermade Backpack Should Bag Luxe make it extremely easy, convenient, and comfortable to carry laundry through tight spaces and up-and-down multiple flights of stairs. Far more than traditional laundry hampers, bags, and baskets I’ve personally tried.
    • Might be helpful for individuals who have trouble navigating or getting down the stairs.
  • It’s extremely well-made and feels sturdy and durable. Because of this, I love being able to hang mine on a hook in the bathroom.
  • You can comfortably multitask or juggle several items at once, which can be super-helpful for cleaners who are motivational challenged or hate having to make too many steps get tasks done. If you have a load and a dirty plate to bring downstairs, you can easily do it with the Clevermade BackSak at the same time.
    • It’s also great if you have ADHD or similar disorders, such as when you might need to cart your laundry and all those extra cups or drinks you keep forgetting about as you make your way downstairs and just so happen to be passing the kitchen *cough*.

Top 3 Things to Improve

  • The shoulder straps, while sturdy, aren’t padded. Given the high-quality look and feel seen throughout the rest of the bag, this would have been a nice, comfortable touch.
  • While it can stand up okay on its own, the CleverMade BackSak will not able to stand like an upright hamper with framing. This isn’t necessarily a con or a dealbreaker, but worth mentioning. We also think a little more padding or inner lining could be added to improve this somehow.
  • Confusing branding or similar names make it a little confusing to shop for, especially since the Backsak Luxe hamper laundry bag, which this review is about, and the Duffle Bag Luxe look so similar. Make sure to pay close attention if you shop for it at other locations not linked here. The closures at the tops of the bags are the most obvious way to tell them apart.

Final Thoughts

Would we recommend it: Yes. So far, I love the Clevermade laundry s and it’s even exceeded our initial expectations. But if that happens to change in the near future, we’ll certainly be eager to update.

Would we buy it again: Yep! In fact, I’m strongly considering ordering a third for our laundry area.

Our Experience w/ the LUXE BackSak


Handling & Function

The BackSak ended up working really well for us when it came to navigating the stairs. In fact, I really appreciate it for days when I have to cart numerous items downstairs and don’t want to make the extra trips.

We found that it’s much, much easier to cart down than a traditional stand-up hamper or regular-sized laundry basket. It also feels a lot easier to manage weight-wise.

The shoulder straps can be switched from backpack to shoulder bag mode by sliding them up and down.

Convenience Factor

Because I can sometimes still be “lazy” or motivationally challenged when it comes to cleaning, I really try to make sure whatever I buy for around the house—especially for the sake of tackling household chores—is going to make life easier.

This is something that most CleverMade products I’ve tried tend to accomplish, and that’s certainly been the case for this CleverMade Laundry Backpack Should Bag.

It’s also great that you can carry the bag in various ways. My favorite method is to use it as a shoulder bag, but backpack “mode” is great for when I need to use two hands while venturing downstairs. I also like that I can grab and carry it one-handed, which I often do too.


My favorite thing about the BackSak is being able to hang the bag up when it’s not being used. That might sound weird, but when you’re short on floor space or space in general, it can be really handy.

At the same time, the bag can stand up fairly straight while sitting on the floor and on its own. However, it doesn’t have the framing as a collapsible hamper or foldable hamper might, which means it doesn’t stand up perfectly—especially without anything in it.

Still, it’s great for dorms, closets, apartments, kids’ rooms, bathrooms, or transporting to the laundromat/coin-op.


I love that it allows me to juggle more than just a load of laundry as I head downstairs, which saves me time, steps, and energy—a blessing for those of us who have ADHD and/or are motivational challenged.

If I want to cart down my obnoxious amount of dishes or trash and anything else, I can easily do so as I take my wash downstairs.

The CleverMade BackSak Laundry Bag is also ideal due to its versatility and ease of use. Thanks to being water-resistant, it can be great for transporting damp clothing, such as for line-drying methods or carrying damp swimwear.

You can also use it for shopping, road trips, beach trips, and a variety of other activities.

What Goes Down Must Come Up

While the BackSak is super-convenient and extremely easy to carry—maybe more so than any other laundry hampers, baskets, or bags I’ve used before—it may not be completely ideal for people who like to fold their laundry downstairs, in the laundry area, or before heading upstairs since it is a bag.

However, what I sometimes do is either toss laundry in the bag and carry it up to fold in my room, or I bring a laundry basket with me as I go to retrieve things from the dryer. I then bring up laundry and the BackSak in one go.

We also like using CleverMade’s other cult classic—the CleverMade Collsapisble Laundry Basket—as our other go-to hamper to bring everything back up, especially since it’s so easy to collapse and stash.

Afterward, I hang the bag back up on its hook in my bathroom, fold laundry on the bed, and collapse and tuck away the collapsible hamper in its hiding spot.

Where to Find

While we’ve not seen Clevermade BackSaks at any brick-and-mortar stores yet, you can typically find them at the following online stores.

Alternative Options

In this section, you’ll find several popular options for laundry bags, laundry hampers, and laundry baskets that we’ve curated and are comparable to the Clevermade BackSak Laundry Backpack/Shoulder Bag for this review.

Popular Laundry Hampers

In this section, we’ve included some popular choices for laundry hampers. Some types stand up on their own while others are collapsible and great for compact storage needs.

Well-rated Baskets

Here are some popular collapsible laundry basket alternatives. You can also find our review on the CleverMade Collapsible Laundry Basket, 2-pack from Costco here, which is also similar to their SnapBasket Luxe that you can find easily at other stores in 20L and 30L, as well as insulated vs. non-insulated (see vid below).

Handy Laundry Bags

Laundry bags are great for places with light space and/or storage. They can also be used inside hampers that may not be portable to help with transporting clothes or simply to help minimize odors.

Laundry Backpacks & Shoulder Bags


Here are some answers to some of the Internet’s most burning questions about the Laundry LUXE BackSak laundry bag by CleverMade.

1. Can you wash the Laundry Backpack LUXE Laundry Hamper Bag in the washing machine?

According to the care instructions for the Clevermade Laundry Backpack LUXE w/ shoulder straps, the bag is not machine washable and is meant to be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

2. Does the Clevermade Laundry Backsak LUXE have a zippered closure?

No. The Clevermade Laundry Backpack, or Backsak, doesn’t come with a zippered closure but rather a leather strap that has a snap-button closure to help keep the laundry hamper semi-closed. There is, however, a small compartment inside the bag that comes with a zippered closure. Click here for images of these features.

3. Can the Clevermade Backpack Laundry Bag stand up on its own?

The Clevermade backpack laundry bag can stand up on its own to some degree when enough laundry is inside of it, but it lacks structural support to stand on its own, otherwise.

**Need a collapsible laundry hamper, bag, or basket that can stand on its own? Check out our Alternative Suggestions at the very end.

4. Is there any difference between the CleverMade Laundry BackSak and CleverMade Laundry Duffle Bag?

Yes, there are several differences between the Clevermade Laundry BackSak (or backpack) and their Laundry Duffle Bag Tote Luxe. Likely the most significant difference would be that the BackSak has a leather button-snap closure and the Duffle Bag Luxe has a drawstring sack closure. You can find more differences and key features here.

5. Is there any cardboard inside the inner lining of the CleverMade Laundry BackSak?

No, there is no cardboard inside the CleverMade BackSak Shoulder Bag. Though it is lightly padded with a foam-like material from what we can tell, which seems to help provide some structural integrity.

UPDATE: (12/2/2022) I’m still using and loving the Clevermade LUXE Laundry Shoulder Bag Backsak each and every week in conjunction with my Clevermade Collapsible Laundry Tote Hamper Baskets, which I prefer to use when it’s time to carry laundry upstairs.

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CleverMade Laundry BackSak LUXE:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


  • Good-looking bag!
  • Durable and well-made (apparently even more so than the Duffle Luxe)
  • Quality materials
  • Affordable and well-priced for the quality
  • Carries up to 40 pounds
  • Easy to carry
  • Hand straps and shoulder straps
  • Can be worn on one shoulder, as a backpack, or carried by hand
  • Great for multi-story homes
  • Ideal for dorms
  • Excellent for small and large spaces
  • Can be used for multiple things
  • Foldable and compact
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Carries extra-large loads
  • No noise when using, unlike several other hampers similar to it
  • Makes carting laundry around much easier
  • Can be kept off the floor by hanging it up on the wall or in a closet
  • Consistent 5-star ratings across multiple stores
  • Waterproof


  • Not machine-washable
  • Doesn’t stand up straight as well due to lack of framing unless clothes are in it or without some fussing about. But still easy to get into and not really a con but worth mentioning
  • Easily confused with their very similar but rounder version (and more poorly rated) Laundry Duffle Bag LUXE with shoulder straps, which reportedly breaks easily. So it can be a little hard to shop for and reviews seem a bit mixed up.
  • Shoulder straps aren’t padded, which would be a nice addition
  • Can’t be carried like a duffle bag
  • Somewhat inconvenient to carry clean clothes once laundry is done. We like to use the CleverMade Collapsible Basket for trips back upstairs due to this.

Psst… Click here for our full review of the Clevermade LUXE Laundry Tote Hamper Basket.

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