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A Clevermade Laundry Tote Basket

I never thought there would come a time when I would actually get excited about a couple of laundry baskets—especially a couple of the collapsible versions. Alas, that was pretty much the state of reality once I spotted the Clevermade Collapsible Laundry Basket Tote 2-Pack at Costco.

I ended up loving these inexpensive laundry baskets and even went back that same week to purchase more sets. Go figure!

In this post…

Things to Like About the Clevermade Laundry Basket

  • Affordable price
  • Extremely compact
  • Easy to store
  • Sturdiness and durability
  • Snap metal frame design
  • Fast opening and collapsing via hinges
  • It can be used for various household needs
  • Large 55-pound/16-gallon weight capacity

Things We Don’t Care For

  • Few color/pattern options aside from Aqua-Navy and Dark Gray-Light Gray (when purchased at Costco). **This has since been improved with newer Luxe and Snapbasket options when available at the store or online.
  • As with many Costco-type items, it’s currently not as widely available in the 2-pack set sold at Costco, except for a few sellers on Amazon or a 3rd-party market. However, they do offer some of their other versions that are pretty similar, such as the Luxe (Amazon), which we posted their video of down below.

Where To Find Them

clevermade 2pk collapsible laundry hamper

Currently, the Clevermade Collapsible Laundry Basket Tote 2-Pack sets in the patterns that I have shown here are only available in-store and online at Costco—at least when they happen to have them in stock. However, you can occasionally find them on Amazon and Walmart.

However, you can find similar options at reasonable prices on the Clevermade website and some of the stores listed below, which offer alternative options from the same brand, if not the 2-pack itself.

What They’re Good For

stack of clevermade collapsible laundry hampers

While there’s a lot to like about the Clevermade Laundry Totes as far as form goes, I found them particularly useful for several areas or chores around the house.

I got so excited by them at one point that I probably bought more sets than I needed, but I know they’ll come in handy eventually!


  • Waterproof and Easy to Wipe Clean
  • Holds average-to-large sized loads
  • Easy to store next to or in between the washer and dryer
  • Long handles make for easy transporting

It goes without saying—the Costco Clevermade Collapsible Laundry Basket 2pk makes for a fantastic laundry hamper. They’re able to carry average to large-sized loads with ease, and the long handles make it great for one-handed operation. I also appreciate that they’re waterproof, making them ideal for damp laundry and wiping them clean.

The Clevermade Laundry Tote 2-pack set in this particular pattern is ideal for designated for different uses or individuals because they come in two other color options and with two different looks per set. They could easily be stored in a laundry room to separate lights and darks, specific textiles, or per room or individual.

  • Clevermade-Laundry-Basket-Tote
  • A Clevermade laundry basket with clothes inside
  • clevermade laundry hampers


One task that I love using the Clevermade Laundry Baskets (Amazon) is decluttering. Because the baskets are collapsible and easy to stash virtually anywhere, I can stash them under the bed, in a closet, behind the couch, or throughout the house for quick access.

I then use it to quickly declutter various items that belong elsewhere in the home while cleaning or tidying up, cutting down on time, and the need of having to go back and forth.

Car Storage

I opted to buy several sets of Clevermade Laundry Basket because they work great in the car.

My mother and I both had other types of collapsible bins inside our trunks but found that we liked how quickly we could open and close the Clevermade Baskets just a bit more. All it takes is a quick snap of side hinges, rather than having to do multiple steps and folds, which was the case with our other bins.

Because of their compact size, we love being able to stash them in-between or underneath the car seats whenever they’re not in use. However, on most days, I like to leave a few in the trunk for quick access while grocery shopping.


Clevermade collapsible  laundry tote used for grocery shopping

The Clevermade Laundry Tote 2-Pack (Amazon) is great for car storage, it can be particularly great for shopping.

They easily hold several of our reusable grocery bags, and I love using a basket to take several bags into the house all at once after I get home.

Much of this can be achieved, thanks to the weight capacity of 55-pound, or 16-gallon, weight capacity. So it really ends up coming down to how much weight I’m prepared to carry, but I love to save on those extra trips to and from the car whenever possible.

My mother and I both found the Clevermade tote and its large capacity especially handy for shopping at places with large or oddly shaped items, such as what you typically see at Costco, HomeGoods, Michael’s, and clothes shopping.

Since they’re easy to assemble or disassemble, they’re also ideal for clothes shopping and might even speed up checkout time. Much of this is thanks to the basket’s wide-mouth design when opened.

Household Storage

Another fantastic use for the ClevermadeTote (large) involves storage, whether for temporary or long-term use.

They can be used inside walk-in pantries, closets, garages, or even a child’s room for housing a variety of things. Their metal frames stay open unless the hinges are pressed from the outside, unlike many other options. 

A couple of ideas we had for storage solutions:

  • Bulk toilet paper and paper towels
  • Large, warehouse-sized bulk foods
  • Toy bin
  • Sports gear—especially since they can be wiped out and used for transportation
  • Temporary storage for bedroom or living room throws and pillows, as opposed to tossing them on the floor
  • Storage for other, smaller reusable bags

Travel & Moving

Believe it or not, one area where I found the Clevermade Collapsible Laundry Baskets can really come in useful was for moving and transportation.

I recently moved to a neighboring county at the last minute. It also turned out that I couldn’t afford to invest in too many boxes at that particular time.

Luckily, stocking up on all of those hampers saved me a lot of time and money, because they worked great for carting my loot, including heavier items, from one destination to the next.

Other types of transportation that they might be good for might include:

  • Going to the beach
  • Camping
  • Kid sporting events
  • A cookout at the local park

The Clevermade LUXE Version in Action

Although the ones sold at Costco are, of course, the more cost-effective option, you can find several other versions that are similar to the style of the 2-Pack online and in stores.

For instance, this video shows their Luxe model (Amazon), which is pretty similar in design though has longer handles, the option to get a shoulder strap or for it to be insulated, and carries 30 pounds and 30L, compared to the 2-pack’s 55-pound weight capacity.

This is one I’ve been keeping my eye on for a while, mainly because it has a lot more patterns and color options, and I love the idea of having a shoulder strap, which is optional.

The SnapBasket Luxe version is very similar to the 2-pack collapsible laundry Costco set, but you get to choose whether you want it with the shoulder strap and if you wanted to be insulated or not. Its handles are also similarly placed—only they’re just a tad longer and made of faux leather for a higher-end look.

I could see this being nice to carry around for shopping, such as at Costco, HomeGoods, or maybe places like Kohls and Target.

  • Product weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18. 5″L x 11. 75″W x 11. 5″H
  • Volume: 30 Liters | 8 Gallons
  • Carry capacity: 30 Pounds
  • Insulated vs. non-insulated
  • Shoulder strap or no shoulder strap



The Clevermade Collapsible Laundry Tote 2-pack set (Amazon) is great for a wide variety of tasks due to the durability and portability of the baskets. And they’re ideal for large and small families as well as singles, too.

What We Love the Most

What I love most about them is the affordable price at Costco as well as their ultra compactness, durability, and versatility. However, even without the Costco price, I still think they’re fairly priced. 

I also find their space-saving design, quick assembly, sturdiness, metal frame, and large capacity helpful. And their versatility proved to almost be a lifesaver for me during 2020 when I had to move houses multiple times.

The Downsides

The only major downside for me is that I wouldn’t mind more color options and having their products (including the Clevermade Collapsible hamper) more widely available, but I’m sure this will also be something Clevermade remedies in the future.

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Neat-ish Rating


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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