Affiliate & Advertising Disclosure

At Neat-ish, we know how difficult it can be to get honest feedback or reviews about specific products or merchandise—especially while shopping online. Because we pride ourselves on being open and transparent with our readers, we’re making it known that this site does contain affiliate links and advertisements throughout.

We also strive to make sure that our reviews, thoughts, comments, and opinions about any products or services mentioned on this site are sincere, honest, and our own. We will never base our opinions on financial incentives, and any opinions are our own. 

To help make sure that we’re as transparent as possible, we are also making every effort to purchase any products mentioned with our own money. Unless otherwise mentioned within a post, we also do not “review” products that we haven’t used ourselves. 

Should we happen to receive an item from a vendor in exchange for a review, we will make mention if a vendor or manufacturer has gifted us with a product within that related post. Gifted products, whether temporary or permanent, will not influence our opinions and our thoughts and comments are our own.


This site contains external-bound links to other websites that are affiliate links. Affiliate links are sometimes based on commission, where the vendor may pay us a small fee at no charge to you. This fee is typically independent of the manufacturer or vendor, unless mentioned otherwise, and does not influence our opinions or reviews on any given product.

We pride ourselves on writing about what we like or dislike and feel passionate about instead of our reviews and posts being product-driven. If our opinions happen to involve a product we want to suggest or talk about, we’ll sometimes use an affiliate link if we recommend or link to other brands or stores we trust, even if we’re not affiliated. Ever mention a product that you love or have opinions about, or refer someone to a link, and joke that you talk about it enough you should get paid? That’s kind of how it works for us at Neat-ish.

As an Amazon Associate and Walmart, I may earn from qualifying purchases from links or their native ads.


We currently use Google Adsense for advertising, which may show you advertisements catered toward your interests where applicable. Some, if not most, locations are non-personalized or set to meet local laws. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details. We also use Amazon “native” ads, which are more curated items we know and/or recommend and are more like product links than actual ads.


We do not currently have any sponsors. Should this change in the future, we will always make sure to mention it clearly within our posts. Either way, our opinions will continue to reflect our own thoughts and feelings.


If you’re a fellow blogger or vlogger looking to collaborate, or a vendor wanting to share a product for review, please contact us.


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