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27. Water Some Plants

One of these easiest tasks on our 2-minute chores list that takes just a few minutes is watering your plants.

In the habit of forgetting to water them? Try setting a recurring reminder on your phone, habit tracker, to-do list, calendar, or planner.

Watering your plants can make for an excellent 2-minute cleaning task

28. Dust Some Plant Leaves

While watering your plants is obviously important, many people tend to forget or neglect to dust the leaves ever so often.

Routinely dusting the leaves of plants won’t just make the plant look better, but it will also help the plant receive those vital sun rays it relies so heavily on in order for it to flourish.


Tips and Helpful Habits

As you dust your real plants, you can also wipe or rinse clean your artificial ones, which is a lot easier when you do it consistently and before too much buildup occurs. However, it’s good to take into consideration the type of material they’re made of since some types may not tolerate water as well as others, such as with plastic vs. silk faux plants.

29. Empty the Litterbox

It’s gross but someone’s gotta do it, right? Right.

No, seriously…clean your litterbox, folks. Every day, if not several times a day. It takes way less than two minutes, especially if you set yourself up for success.

Your cat will appreciate it, your nose will appreciate it, would-be guests will appreciate it, and your neighbors might appreciate it.


Tips and Helpful Habits

  1. Keep the necessary tools nearby.
  2. Make sure to clean said necessary tools every now and then to cut back on the gross and odorific factor.
  3. Consider getting a litter genie disposal systems or keep litter disposal bags nearby—especially if you have a long distance to travel to throw it away outside or in your big waste bin.
  4. Too “lazy”? Consider a self-cleaning litterbox. Or, if you’ve got the cash, one of those spiffy nerd robot catboxes, which I not-so-secretly wish I could get for complete and utter nerd purposes.

41. Maintenance Clean Your Dishwasher

Spend a few moments every now and then to maintenance clean your dishwasher. You don’t have to deep clean it every time, but it should be maintenance cleaned a month to keep the unit running properly and to help keep odors and calcification at bay.

You can often find store-bought products for this as well as DIY options online, or refer to the instruction manual for your unit.

You can find monthly dishwasher cleaning tips here, as well as deep cleaning tips and our in-depth how-to guide here.

43. Clean Out Your Purse, Backpack, or Wallet

Take 2 minutes or less to empty your purse, backpack, or wallet each week

Items such as backpacks, pursues, workbags, and wallets can quickly accumulate a lot of unnecessary weight, clutter, trash, and redundant items that we often don’t even need to lug around with us.

This not only makes it hard to find what we need, but it can also take a toll on those items in question along with our joints and body due to the access or lopsided weight. And it’s because of this that it’s essential to clean these items out ever so often, but ideally once a week.

Tips and Helpful Habits

You can quickly turn cleaning out your bag, purse, or wallet a weekly habit fairly easy, simply by stacking or incorporating it with another task you already do.

Maybe that would involve brewing coffee or separating mail for the day. Maybe it’s as you prep for the following day before you go to bed or as you start to wind for bed in general.

Either way, the more you keep at it, the more of a habit it will become. Over time, you’ll barely even notice when you’re doing it and it’ll seem far less tedious than it used to. Sort of like brushing your teeth, which is another task you can stack it around. I actually get grouchy now when stuff is a mess, which is a feeling I don’t think I’ll ever get used to.

If you’re in the habit of forgetting to clean your items out, you can set a weekly or even daily reminder.

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