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Feel like you lack the time, patience, desire, or motivation to clean, even when you really need to? Then check out these 75 simple 2-minute chores, which can be ideal for those with busy lives as well as people who might be prone to procrastination or find it hard to know where to start.


2-Minute Cleaning Chores


7. Empty the Vacuum

Most people hate cleaning out the vacuum, which is why it’s an excellent task to use as a 2-minute cleaning chore or challenge. It’s also a good way of reminding yourself just how fast cleaning a vacuum out can be in reality, since many people tend to overthink it or cleaning tasks in general.

Therefore, try to take a few moments to empty the unit and replace any bags if there should happen to be any. This is also a great time to change any filters that might come with the machine and wipe down the vacuum to keep it running efficiently and in good shape.

Make sure to empty your vacuum bins consistently, which you can do as one of your 2-minute chores

Tips and Helpful Habits

  • Consider setting a recurring reminder on your phone app or home hub device, such as a Google Hub or Amazon Echo, to remind you to empty the bin, change the filter on your unit, or do a full-on maintenance cleaning of it once a month if you happen to forget.
  • It can be helpful to have a spare filter for your vacuum that’s ready to go, even if it’s washable/ That way, you’ll always have a clean one on hand.
  • Don’t forget to maintenance clean your vacuum every now and then, such as by wiping it down or checking the base and brushes for any hair or other bits of debris.
  • Have a robot vacuum? Don’t forget to empty and do a quick maintenance cleaning on that as well and according to its care instructions.
  • Hate emptying vacuums? Consider a robot vacuum that’s self-cleaning for automated maintenance vacuuming around the home instead.

13. Dust the Top of Your Refrigerator

Okay, so this one takes more like 5 seconds to do instead of being one of the actual 2-minute chores, but we thought we’d add it anyway since so many people tend to forget to clean the top of their refrigerator. If you can get to the sides, too, then go for it.

It’s helpful to dust at least the top of the refrigerator every month or so since fridges tend to be dust magnets due to the amount of electricity involved. The more often you do it, the less dust involved. The less dust involved, the less mess you’ll have to clean up later.

dusting top of the fridge
Our favorite duster to use by Swiffer. Picture from our post, 16 Important and Often Missed Spring Cleaning Chores for Your Home.

19. Speed Dust a Room

Speed dusting a room or floor can be a great way to keep up on the task on a weekly basis. You also don’t have to be super meticulous about it. Just do what you can and get the rest later, whether you plan to do it as a 2-minute chore or want to go for longer.

You spend 2 minutes on  dusting a room as a form of maintenance cleaning

Tips and Helpful Habits

Again, have a feel for what direction or manner you’ll be moving in, and don’t forget baseboards, fans, electronics, etc. The more often you dust these items, the less physical cleaning you’ll have to do throughout the year and the easier the entire process will be.

  1. Try to have a 360-degree, pliable duster that can move around things so you don’t have to constently move them each time you dust, like this one by Swiffer. These are great for quick maintenance or speed dusting.
  2. Always aim to work from top to bottom and try to move in the same direction. This will help prevent dust from falling onto already-dusted surfaces. It will also you become faster at doing it if you do it in the same manner each time.
  3. Dusting more often will also help your dusting tools last longer, including disposable options, like Swiffer. Swiffer products are actually recyclable when you send them back through the company’s recycling program (as of to date).
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