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Feel like you lack the time, patience, desire, or motivation to clean, even when you really need to? Then check out these 75 simple 2-minute chores, which can be ideal for those with busy lives as well as people who might be prone to procrastination or find it hard to know where to start.


2-Minute Cleaning Chores

1. Clean kitchen counters.

Believe it or not, you can easily clean counters in your kitchen in less than two minutes. And if there’s not a lot sitting out or to move, you should be able to get it done in less than one minute.


27. Water plants.

Watering your plants can make for an excellent 2-minute cleaning task

One of the easiest tasks on our 2-minute chores list that takes just a few minutes is watering your plants.

And if you’re in the habit of forgetting to water plants, try to set a recurring reminder on your phone, habit tracker, to-do list, calendar, or planner.

28. Dust some plant leaves.


While watering your plants is obviously important, many people tend to forget or neglect to dust the leaves ever so often.

Routinely dusting the leaves of plants won’t just make the plant look better, but it will also help the plant receive those vital sun rays it relies so heavily on in order for it to flourish.

Tip: Don’t forget to rinse of water-safe artificial plants ever so often since they tend to accumulate dust that can stick onto the surface of the plan, especially in humid conditions.

29. Empty the litterbox.


It’s gross but someone’s gotta do it, right? Right.

No, seriously…clean your litterbox, folks. Every day, if not several times a day. It takes way less than two minutes, especially if you set yourself up for success.

Your cat will appreciate it, your nose will appreciate it, would-be guests will appreciate it, and your neighbors might appreciate it.

Tip: Consider getting a litter genie disposal systems or keep any necessary tools and litter disposal bags nearby—especially if you have a long distance to travel.

Tip: Feeling too lazy to clean the catbox? Consider a self-cleaning litterbox. Or, if you’ve got the cash, one of those spiffy nerd robot catboxes, which I not-so-secretly wish I could get for complete and utter nerd purposes.

30. Dust or clean a few baseboards.


With the right dusting and cleaning tools, you can clean the baseboards pretty quickly in a room.

This is more so the case if you consistently dust your baseboards at least once a month, if not weekly or biweekly.

When you stay consistent with it, you’ll be able to prevent dirt and dust from sticking to surfaces as a result of time and moisture in the air more.

Tip: Aim for a long-handled duster that actually attracts dirt rather. Our favorite duster pick: Swiffer 360 with the 3-foot handle or their newer retractable 6-foot option.

Tip: Separate dusting from wiping if you’re short on time and patience, such as by doing the dusting one day and wiping the baseboards down at a later time. Just don’t wait for too long in between steps or you might have to dust again.

Tip: If your baseboards are really filthy, it may help to break the process down if you’re lacking in motivation. Just go for 2 or more minutes at a time or until you feel like stopping.

32. Vacuum or sweep some stairs.

Hate vacuuming or sweeping the stairs? Remember that it only takes a couple of short minutes to do.

It also helps to make sure that you have the right and most efficient cleaning tools such as a reliable, cordless, and lightweight stick vacuum.

You can also find further motivation to tackle sweeping or vacuuming the stairs by setting a timer or playing one of your favorite songs.

38. Clean the tub or shower walls.


Ever find yourself in the shower waiting for your favorite conditioner or hair mask product to do its magic on your luscious locks?

Consider using that time to pause or temporarily shut off your water and wash some shower walls or tub.

You can clean with some delightful-smelling body wash or shower and tub cleaner of your choice.

We love using shampoo or body wash that maybe didn’t make the cut for our face and hair but still smell great.

And, if you’re feeling particularly daring, you could even don your favorite facial or deep conditioning hair mask at the same time. Cos, why not?

Before you know it, you and your bathroom can rejoice as you do have your 1990s Herbal Essence moment and bask in the fact that you’ve mastered productivity.

Psst… Hate the backbreaking, time-consuming act of shower cleaning? Then check out 17 Clever Ways to Make Cleaning Your Shower Easier to learn how to take shower-slaying shortcuts as any self-respecting, motivationally-challenged person should. Boom… And that’s the sound of you dropping your shampoo bottle like a boss in front no one in particular.

Tip: Keep in mind that bodywash and shampoo can help keep a shower clean while doing maintenance cleaning, but it’s not a mildew buster. You’ll want to clean your shower with the real-deal-shower-cleaning cleaner ever so often.

Tip: Also, avoid using bar soap to clean the shower since it will only cause more soap residue. Just in case you were planning to get your Irish Spring on.

43. Declutter your purse, backpack, or wallet.

Take 2 minutes or less to empty your purse, backpack, or wallet each week

Items such as backpacks, pursues, workbags, and wallets can quickly accumulate a lot of unnecessary weight, clutter, trash, and redundant items that we often don’t even need to lug around with us.

This not only makes it hard to find what we need, but it can also take a toll on those items in question along with our joints and body due to the access or lopsided weight.

Because of this, it’s essential to clean these items out ever so often — ideally once a week.

Tip: You can quickly turn cleaning out your bag, purse, or wallet a weekly habit fairly easily, simply by stacking or incorporating it with another task you already do, such as to something on your weekly cleaning checklist.

Tip: If you’re in the habit of forgetting to clean your items out, you can set a weekly or even daily reminder.

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Remember: The less you have sitting out in your kitchen, the easier it will be to spot messes and less time it will take to clean your counters.

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68. Freshen up throw pillows and blankets.


Taking the time to freshen up pillows and throw blankets can help reduce odors, bacteria, and possibly even dust mites.

You can do this with a variety of store-bought products and DIY treatments commonly found on sites like Pinterest and depending on your goals.

Some people may have their pillows and throws dry cleaned if they’re more delicate, while others prefer to wash them on their own, following the care instructions.

Tips and Helpful Habits

  • Try to purchase machine-washable throw blankets, pillows, and pillow inserts so that you can better maintain them and remove issues like odors, dander, dirt, dust, and dust mite feces with ease.
  • Make it a part of your regular monthly or even quarterly routine to freshen up your pillows. During your off-time, try vacuuming or shaking them out every so often.
  • Steam can sometimes work to freshen up throw pillows. Just make sure to test or read the care instructions first.

72. Descale the coffeemaker or kettle.

Make sure to take 2-minutes or so to descale your kettle or coffeemaker ever so often

Some coffeemakers may require a little more time to clean, while others may only require a few seconds of effort.

Either way, it’s usually pretty easy and fast to descale a coffeemaker or tea kettle—or to at least get it going.

Kettles can usually be descaled using an equal parts vinegar-water solution. Some people may do similar with their coffeemakers, generally by running the vinegar-water solution or a specialized descaling product through the machine.

Tips Before You Get Started


Below are a few tips to get you started or that may help you out along during your 2-minute cleaning session.

  1. Have a game plan before you start.
  2. Consider setting a timer and turning it into a timed challenge or game.
  3. Don’t dawdle. Try to move quickly but without compromising on how well you clean.
  4. Turn on some tunes or other entertainment.
  5. Don’t feel like stopping? Keep going! Sometimes, working on a task for 2 to 5 or even 10 minutes can be a great motivator to get more cleaning done, and it may even boost the rest of your otherwise productive day.
  6. If you do decide to keep going, try to stack related chores on top of one another.
  7. If you don’t finish in time, no worries! You’ll get faster over time the more you do and the more consistent you are at it.
  8. Multitask. Cleaning on its own can feel tedious, boring, and like a burden. However, when you make it entertaining and try to multitask when you see an open opportunity, you can get things done in a more pain-free way and free up more time in your day to do more important or entertaining things.
  9. Reward yourself. Sometimes a little reward goes a long way, but rewards don’t have to be expensive or even involve money.
  10. Try to use timed challenges to your advantage in the future. Timed challenges can be ideal for when you don’t feel like doing something but probably should. You can also use learned timeframes in the future to estimate and plan for how long a chore might take. Just make sure you stay focused and make the most of that time once you get started.
  11. Try to stay consistent with your cleaning.
  12. 2-minute chores work best if you clean before you really need to.


In this post, we covered 75 simple 2-minute chores you can easily squeeze in through various parts of your day, mood, schedule, or even when you have a spare moment.

These shorter tasks can be especially great for those who struggle with cleaning and individuals who feel they hate cleaning altogether.

Best of all, you can work on these tasks in 2-minute, 5-minute, 10-minute, and 15-minute bursts or as long as desired.

72 Quick 2-Minute Cleaning Choores

  1. Clean kitchen counters.
  2. Speed clean a bathroom
  3. Wipe down your kitchen appliances (exterior).
  4. Clean the stovetop.
  5. Maintenance brush your pet.
  6. Dust and clean the light fixtures.
  7. Empty the vacuum cleaner.
  8. Deep clean a toilet.
  9. Clean a few cabinet drawers and door fronts.
  10. Wipe down the interior of your microwave.
  11. Clean and de-crumb the toaster or toaster oven.
  12. Clean and tidy a kitchen shelf or drawer.
  13. Dust the top of your refrigerator.
  14. Clean the kitchen or bathroom sink.
  15. Clean the medicine cabinet.
  16. Empty expired foods from a fridge or pantry shelf.
  17. Speed clean a few windows.
  18. Clean some mirrored or glass surfaces.
  19. Speed dust a room.
  20. Empty trash and/or recycling.
  21. Clean a trash can or recycling bin.
  22. Tidy up a few refrigerator shelves.
  23. Make the bed.
  24. Speedy tidy a room.
  25. Tidy a dresser or nightstand drawer.
  26. Wipe down the above-the-stove vent, filter, or hood.
  27. Water a few plants.
  28. Dust some plant leaves.
  29. Empty the litter box.
  30. Dust and/or clean some baseboards.
  31. Clean blinds or shutters.
  32. Vacuum or sweep the stairs.
  33. Tidy your car’s glove compartment or center console.
  34. Pick up and tidy the car floor.
  35. Clean up the trunk of your car.
  36. Dust the car dashboard and controls.
  37. Wet dust some furniture.
  38. Clean the tub or shower walls.
  39. Wash microwave, sink, stove, toaster oven, vent, and other appliance parts.
  40. Clean your garbage disposal.
  41. Maintenance clean your dishwasher.
  42. Maintenance clean the washing machine.
  43. Declutter your backpack, purse, or wallet.
  44. Wipe down a door or two.
  45. Clean the banister.
  46. Wipe down the fireplace mantel.
  47. Vacuum the floor in a room or small area.
  48. Clean your monitor, keyboard, mouse, or laptop.
  49. Go through mail.
  50. Purge and process a few emails.
  51. Clean the pet bowls.
  52. De-fur some furniture.
  53. Vacuum furniture.
  54. Shake out and vacuum doormats and rugs.
  55. Declutter some bathroom cabinets and shelves.
  56. Declutter counter space.
  57. Clean the kitchen or bathroom backsplash or wall.
  58. Clean a mirror or two.
  59. Clean the dining room table.
  60. Refill the kitchen bin, box, or other item.
  61. Refill toiletries.
  62. Clean some doorknobs and handles.
  63. Clean light switches and points of contact.
  64. Dust lamp shapes.
  65. Clean a faucet or showerhead.
  66. Change or clean a filter.
  67. Freshen up a room.
  68. Freshen up throw pillows and blankets.
  69. Schedule a donation pickup or do a drop-off.
  70. Banish some cobwebs.
  71. Update your bank register.
  72. Descale your coffeemaker or kettle.
  73. Declutter an area of your closet.
  74. Tidy and declutter some bathroom toiletries, hair accessories, or makeup.
  75. Pickup after yourself, especially before leaving a room.

We hope you found this in-depth list and tips helpful. If you’d like to see more, don’t forget to check out our 5-minute spring cleaning chores.

Happy Cleaning 🙂

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