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Spring cleaning isn’t everyone’s favorite pastime, and for obvious reasons. So what better place to start spring cleaning than with this list of 24 individual 5-Minute Spring cleaning chores in the bathroom?

They’re quick, easy, relatively painless, and you can customize the tasks by breaking them down into smaller pieces.

We also provide how-to instructions, handy habits, and helpful tips to make the cleaning process easier for you, whether now or in the future, including tips for people with bad backs, joints, and hips.

In this post…

What to Do

  • Pick at least one out of these 19 spring cleaning chores for the bedroom and try to complete it in 5 minutes.
  • Plan ahead by knowing what you’ll be working on as well as how you’ll be going about it.
  • Prep the area with whatever you’ll need, such as a trash bin, donation box/bag, cleaning products, tools, step stool, duster, etc.
  • Set a timer for five minutes or longer if desired.
  • Try to clean without stopping or getting distracted.
  • Clean as fast you’re able to move.
  • Treat it as a game.
  • Allow enough time to clean up after you’re finished, or opt to go 5 minutes longer before you begin.
  • Whatever you don’t finish can be moved to the next day or even later in the day.
  • If you want to go longer than 5 minutes, avoid going too long since the goal is to set more manageable timeframes.
  • Try merging sessions. For instance, if you were to work in the kitchen, you could do a few drawers for 5 minutes and then work on the microwave and whatever else for another five.

What You’ll Need

  • Whatever items you’ll be using to clean.
  • A timer.
  • Anything that will help prevent extra trips (i.e., trashcan step ladder, etc.).
  • A donation bag (optional).

Tips to Get You Started and Motivated

1. Make It Entertaining!

If you think your tasks will take longer than 5 minutes, or if you want to do more than one task at a time, try to entertain yourself along the way by adding in things you can do at the same time and might have fun with. Just make sure you don’t get distracted by it or feel the need to stop to watch, such as a movie or TV show.

Popular types of entertainment typically include music, YouTube videos, podcasts, the news, or audiobooks. You can also use songs, videos, or programs like Audible’s timer feature to time sessions.

2. Pay Attention to How Long Cleaning Projects Take

People often overthink how long cleaning chores will take, which can sometimes lead to procrastination, bad habits, and ineffective cleaning routines.

Keeping track of how long chores take as you start to work on your cleaning habits will allow you to better understand how to plan and what to expect. You may even begin to feel less overwhelmed or less likely to procrastinate.

3. Combine Spring Cleaning Bathroom Chores

If you finish before your 5 minutes are up, considering trying to do other similar chores back-to-back.

For example, if you plan to do the baseboards, it may help to work on areas above the baseboard level first so you can avoid having dust and debris fall onto areas where you’ve already cleaned.

In some cases, you can “stack” similar chores to save time. An example of those would be tossing washable textiles, such as throws and pillows, that you might have sitting on the couch in the washer before you start vacuuming or cleaning the sofa itself.

Have fun with it and get creative. I love turning it into a game to see how much I can really get done in x-amount of time.

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5-minute Spring Cleaning Chores for the Bathroom


Do these bathroom spring cleaning chores in the order that works best for you. However, it helps to work in the same direction throughout the room (clockwise vs. counter-clockwise) and from top to bottom.

This way, you won’t need to clean the same area or item more than once. You’ll also be a lot less likely to skip over areas on accident.

Depending on the size of your bathroom and the number of items in it, certain tasks may take longer than 5 minutes. Again, customize the challenge or project to suit your preference and schedule.

If you need to break some projects down due to having a larger room or more stuff, feel free. You can also do more at once or spread it out throughout the day, week, month, or even quarter.

Don’t forget to bookmark us so you can finish out the room at your own pace and try to have fun with it.


Don’t forget that you can expand and contract each task to see more or less information. Under each task, you’ll also spot helpful habits and spring cleaning tips about certain bathroom spring cleaning chores.

1. Declutter and prep the area.

Decluttering can be an awesome way to make your home look and feel cleaner, not to mention more welcoming.

Above all, it can also speed up your cleaning time, reduces any future cleaning effort, and it can help you spot areas that might need your attention while you clean.

The bathroom can be one of the biggest hotspots for clutter, maintenance, and grime. Because of this, it’s essential to work on “spring cleaning” or deep cleaning it several times throughout the year (a.k.a. seasonal cleaning).

Spring Clean Bathroom Decluttering


We’ll break down decluttering the inside of drawers in later steps, but if you wish to do it all at the same time, or even first, feel free. Just set the timer for however long you want to go.

Take a few minutes to declutter the exterior portion bathroom and medicine cabinet before you begin spring cleaning.

Before you start the timer, though, figure out a place for specific items to go as you declutter to save yourself some time and steps.

For instance, you may want a bag, bin, or even hamper for items you need to put away elsewhere in the home, want to donate, plan to repurpose, and/or need to deal with at a later time.

Common items to declutter:

  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Old towels or washcloths not longer needed.
  • Shampoo and soaps
  • Decor
  • Hair tools
  • Skincare
  • Trash
  • Expired or broken items
  • Items no longer needed or wanted

Tools that might be helpful:

Create bags, bins, boxes, or designated spots for like items to go until you can get to them later. These might include:

  1. A trash bag or wastebasket for trash or recycling.
  2. A donation box or bag.
  3. A bag, bin, or hamper for items that you need to take elsewhere in the house once you’re done with your challenge(s) or at a later time.

Set the timer for 5 or so minutes and try to finish before your time is up.


KonMari: If you tend to struggle with getting rid of or donating items that you may not need anymore, we recommend checking out The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. She has some excellent decluttering and folding methods, among other household issues.

2. Dust the room.



While we normally like to break down the dusting for our 5-minute challenges, we felt it best to keep it to one task since bathrooms tend to be small enough to do in a few minutes.

However, if you have a more spacious bathroom, feel free to break things up by type if you wish. It’s usually easier to remove any items that might be sitting out first.

The main agenda with dusting is to prep for cleaning by eliminating loose dirt, debris, dust, lint, and hair. These particles can create even more of a mess while using wet cleaning methods and can slow you down. By taking a few moments to dust first and as much as you can, you’ll save yourself time and a lot of effort in the long run.

Helpful tools for dusting:

Believe it or not, not all dusting tools are created equal. Not every good dusting tool is meant to dust. And not every traditional method is the best or fastest way to go about it. Got it? Great.

via Giphy

But to save you the trouble, and maybe even some money, here are our favorite choices out of the very long list of dusting tools out there.

  • An extendable or long-handled duster, which might include
    • Microfiber duster.
    • Swiffer duster, in either 3ft. or 6ft. extendable lengths. Great for walls and ceilings as well as closer work).
    • Floor dust mop (optional but handy if you don’t have an extendable duster or another tool in a pinch, such as this one by E-Cloth).
  • A dry dusting cloth such as a Swiffer Dry Mop Cloth or E-Cloth Dry Dusting Cloth
  • Cotton swabs – for detail work where there might be excessive buildup that a regular duster can’t get to (i.e., vents or exhaust fans).
  • A lightly damp microfiber or cleaning cloth (optional)—relatively dust-free rooms can just be wiped down, which we’ll go over in the next few steps.
  • Vacuum or broom and dustpan—for tight corners. A vacuum might work, too.

Our favorite pick for dusting is this one by Swiffer.

Common Things to Dust:

  • Vents and exhaust fan
  • Walls, ceilings, and doors
  • Light fixtures
  • Baseboards and other wood trim
  • Wall decor, wall fixtures (i.e., towel racks and TP holder), pictures, and mirrors
  • Medicine cabinet and around the medicine cabinet
  • Cabinetry and any furniture that might be in the room
  • Windows and windowsills
  • Shower curtain rod and around the shower stall and/or tub to remove lint and hair before cleaning (i.e., top and sides of the tub, top of fiberglass stalls, or glass shower door frames)
  • Toilet tank, base, plumbing, and behind the seat or bidet seat (Goal: to remove lint — a dry piece of toilet paper, paper towel, or disposable dusting cloth (i.e., Swiffer dry mop cloths) might be more suitable for toilets rather than using your duster to avoid contamination.

Helpful Habit #1

This is the way: Debris and lint from towels and clothing, hair, toilet paper, and dead skin cells can make for a bigger mess as you go to wipe the surfaces—it just kind of smears itself all over the place in a rather annoying fashion, which gives you more to clean up.

To avoid having to do a lot of work once it’s time to deep clean your bathroom again, try to keep up on dusting regularly. This will help banish lint, hair, dirt, and all the other gunk that can stick to surfaces or lie in wait for the next time you want to clean something.

9. Clean interior side of windows and doors.



Clean the interior portion of your windows—especially if it’s been a while. However, feel free to get the outside, too, or put the windows into their own separate cleaning category.

Cleaning your screens frequently helps to keep them lasting longer, working better, and may even help to reduce household odors more.

Make sure to clean:

  • Tracks
  • Windowsills
  • Trim, including locking mechanisms
  • The interior side of the screen, whether by hosing off entirely outside or using an old microfiber cloth that you don’t care if it might get stained.


Cheaters occasionally prosper: If you hate hosing off the screen and waiting for them to dry, try wiping them off with an old, somewhat damp microfiber cloth instead.

However, if they’re really filthy, you may want to hose them off and give them a good cleaning first, and then use microfiber for maintenance cleaning. It’s also wise to only use a microfiber cloth you don’t care about since staining may occur.

10. Clean and remove any items sitting out.


Take some time to clean any decor pieces or anything else that you have sitting out in your bathroom.

If you plan to do more steps within the same day, such as cleaning the counters, sink, or toilet, then it might help to remove the cleaned items from the area to get to those spots. Otherwise, do what works best for you.


Some of our purchased E-cloths

You might have noticed we mention cleaning with microfiber and water any chance we get? Well, we’re saying it here too.

That’s because good-quality microfiber cloths work great for cleaning knickknacks of all sorts, particularly glass items, and they really speed up your cleaning time as well. And, thanks to the lack of residue left from cleaning products, you’re likely to see less dust accumulate or stick.

Popular choices include Norwex, Mr. Siga, Zwipes, and our personal favorite—E-cloths (not sponsored).

Want more clever shower-cleaning ideas to speed things up and make it more entertaining? Check out 17 Ways to Make Cleaning Your Shower Easier once you’re done here (new tab).

20. Clean the counters and backsplash.



Spend a few minutes cleaning your counters using your favorite go-to cleanser. For tough grout, many use a baking soda paste or something like Mrs. Meyers Baking Soda Cream, as shown above.

I love using a Rubbermaid Power Scrubber for grout (also for above), which is just a little bit more powerful than electronic toothbrushes, but those help too. We hope to provide more grout-cleaning tips soon.

Tip #1

Let it sit: Regardless if you use homemade cleaners or store-bought ones, make sure to allow enough time to let the product do its thing for a minute or two. You’ll not only likely see better results, but might also avoid a little elbow grease too.

And always make sure to read the instructions.

Optional Spring Cleaning Tasks

21. Clean or replace the plunger and/or toilet brush and holder.


Clean your plunger and toilet brush and holder, or replace them if you feel they need it or think you need a better one.


Consistency: Cleaning off either of the items right after using them is usually the easiest way to go about it, rather than waiting until later. For tips on keeping your toilet brush a little more sanitary, head back to the step on cleaning toilets.

22. Clean and organize at least one drawer, shelf, or cabinet.


Work on cleaning the inside of your drawers or do a cabinet or even just a shelf inside a cabinet for at least 5 minutes. You can do a single one each day or however many you can do in 5 minutes. Or choose to set your timer for longer.

Tip #1

Clean as you go: Microfiber cloths and water work great for getting out most types of small debris. In some cases, it may be helpful to have a handheld vacuum or vacuum with attachments nearby. Also, make sure to clean any hinges.

Tip #2

Prep: Having things such as a trash bag, donation bag, or I’ll-get-to-it-later bag can speed up the process, particularly for junk drawers.

23. Empty and clean the trashcan.


Cleaning your trash and recycling bins isn’t the most entertaining thing to do, but it only takes a minute or two to accomplish. And keeping up on it at least every quarter will ensure your bins and home smelling a whole lot fresher.

Cleaning trashcans or recycling bins can often be done with your favorite cleaning product and paper towels or some warm, soapy water and a cleaning cloth, and then wipe dry. For filthy trash bins, it may be necessary to use soap, let things soak a while, and then hose it out and air dry, preferably in the sun.

Tip #1

Make it monthly: Try to keep up on cleaning your trash and recycling bin every month. This way, all you’re likely going to have to do is wipe it down with a paper towel and some cleaning product or disinfecting wipe.

Tip #2

Set a reminder: You can even set a monthly schedule and reminder on your devices, such as phone or home hub, or keep it on your monthly to-do list.


Getting your spring cleaning tasks finished in the bathroom can be relatively quick and easy. And, in many cases, you can get a lot of these small jobs done in 5 minutes or less, or you may even be able to finish in one day.

Best of all, the more you stay on top of it the faster spring cleaning in the bathroom or throughout the home becomes.

  • Give yourself a set amount of time to finish a chore from the list. You’ll get things done in a faster and more efficient manner.
  • Set a timer. You can also make a timed playlist of your favorite music or listen to x-amount of pages or chapters of your latest audiobook to pace yourself.
  • Treat it like a game and move as fast as you can.
  • Prep your space before starting.
  • Stack more than one session or task on top of other ones if you want to clean for a longer time period.
  • Break jobs that might take you longer than five minutes into smaller sessions or continue later on if you wish to.
  • Make things entertaining by listening to distraction-free music, Podcasts, audiobooks, or TV shows and videos. The key is to make sure you won’t feel the need to watch.

Are you spring cleaning this year? Where’s your favorite place to start? Comment down below!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog about cleaning. I usually use a list. I like the way you broke everything down, very informative and organized. I basically do my cleaning the same way. Thank you for sharing. Charity 💖

    • Meg C.

      Aww, thank you! Yeah, I tried to make it workable for everyone since environments and schedules vary, but figured this would be the easiest way. I’ll be adding printable lists soon. Feel free to share away. Thanks 🙂

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