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Life feeling cluttered and chaotic mess at times? These 22 highly effective ways and in-depth tips on how to spring clean your life might just be the perfect place to start.

In this post, we cover effective, highly beneficial, and sometimes even entertaining ways to improve, declutter, and spruce up your personal life, such as with one of the following topics (not in order):

In this post…

  1. Errands and Basic Personal Tasks
  2. Financial Health & Growth
  3. Personal Growth
  4. Self-Care
  5. Hobbies
  6. Relationships
  7. Paperwork, digital management, and documentation
  8. Health & Wellbeing
  9. Organizing and decluttering personal items
  10. Pesky personal to-do tasks that might be getting neglected but still need to be done anyway
  11. Conclusion
A "You Got This" sign as positive motivation for spring cleaning your life.

Personal Spring Cleaning Tasks

Since most of these steps on how to spring clean your personal life can be broken down into smaller segments, we recommend bookmarking this page for your convenience. This way, you can come back and work at things while moving at your own pace.

Above all, try to have fun and remember who you’re doing it for — yourself. Many of these tasks can provide more productivity, bring on an increased sense of accomplishment, help you stay better organize, and all while reducing stress and offering a better peace of mind.


By spending a little time on these 22 effective and beneficial ways on how to spring clean your life, you can work towards making your life run more efficiently, peacefully, and smoothly while eliminating a lot of unnecessary clutter.


  1. vGo through and sort unopened mail.
  2. Declutter and organize your purse, wall, workbag, or backpack.
  3. Tidy up your email accounts.
  4. Clean up contacts.
  5. Declutter your photo gallery.
  6. Clean and declutter your cell phone.
  7. Spruce up your computer’s desktop and hard drive.
  8. Get rid of redundant paperwork and files.
  9. Setup health-related checkups and visits.
  10. Assess autopay and subscription-based services.
  11. Do your taxes.
  12. Check your credit.
  13. Create financial goals.
  14. Conduct a financial checkup.
  15. Set personal goals and spring clean your life.
  16. Declutter the mind and de-stress.
  17. Practice self-care this Spring and year-round.
  18. Update your calendars, planners, lists, and reminders.
  19. Declutter your DVR and Watch Lists.
  20. Declutter digital, analog, and audio-based books.
  21. Get your car looked at and tuned.
  22. Schedule pet appointments.

In this post…

In the end, you’re likely to feel more at ease and might even enjoy yourself a bit more as well. And, best of all, you can move through them at your own pace and in whichever order works for you, whether it takes a month, two months, or the entire quarter.

Psst… What are your favorite ways to declutter your personal life or to reset? Comment down below and let us know. We’re always up for new ideas!

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