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Looking to do some spring cleaning but not sure where to start? Or are you feeling overwhelmed by all the chores you have to do? No worries! Why not try these 21 easy spring cleaning kitchen tasks you can do in 5 minutes or less on for size?

That’s right—5-minute spring cleaning chores. Who knew?

It’s pretty hard to argue over 5 minutes—especially when you get to brag to your friends how you managed to do some spring cleaning and exercised in the same day, all without breaking much of a sweat. Just don’t tell them it took 5 minutes. Who needs to know, right? Right. It’s like your a domestic superhero mixed with time-busting, if not slightly ill-dressed Flash Gordon yet not. #Winning #IWokeUpThisFab

In this post…

And if you like this challenge, head on over to our 2nd post for kitchen spring cleaning, 13 Quick Spring Cleaning Kitchen Tasks You Can Finish In 5 Minutes—Part 2! We’ve got even more 5-minute tasks coming for our Spring Cleaning Series soon. I know! Amazing, right? Right.

Excited? Ready to get things started? If not…well, suck it up buttercup. It’s five minutes.


Don’t forget that you can expand and contract each task/tip to see more information as well as learn helpful habits and tips for that specific task. Or contract the section if you want to speed through.

How Does It Work?

The main point is to clean for at least 5 minutes, even if you don’t feel like it. While you don’t need to use a timer, we recommend it. You can use your phone, microwave, oven, or another method to keep track.

The main secret to cleaning quickly, besides practice makes perfect, is to hustle. The second is to not get distracted. Use your time wisely, whether it’s 5 minutes or a power hour, to really focus on the task, or tasks, at hand. Third secret is to have a fairly good idea of what you plan to do before you do it. Fourth: make the most of it, but we’ll get to that in the Tips section.

Why Time Yourself as You Clean?

Timing yourself is a great way to motivate yourself to clean and do so promptly. This is because most people tend to move more slowly than they realize or may lose focus, which causes things to take far long or seem more tedious than they need to.

Timing also helps you to avoid overthinking the task before you can talk yourself out of it. Yet, at the same time, there’s less pressure even while you’re still holding yourself accountable. If you don’t finish, no big deal. Try again later or the next day. And feel free to do more than one 5-minute task if that’s what you feel like doing.

There are no rules unless you want them. I love to do 5 minutes here and there, whether it’s 5 minutes working on my fridge or drawers, before moving onto cleaning the microwave. Best of all, it challenges you and turns it into a bit of a game, which tends to make it fun. So it’s also great for people who are competitive or who like gaming.

We also list a few of our favorite products based on hands-on experience, as well as other popular items within the cleaning community. But feel free to use whatever works for you!

What to Do:

  • Pick one out of the 21 kitchen-themed spring cleaning chores on the list to do in about 5 minutes.
  • Prep if necessary.
  • Set a timer for five minutes…and we’re off!
  • Clean without stopping.
  • Move as quickly as you can and try to finish.
  • Allow enough time to clean up or opt to go 5 minutes longer.
  • If you want to set the time for 10, 15, or even up to 30 minutes, feel free. Just avoid going too long since we’re breaking things down into manageable timeframes.

What You’ll Need:

  • Cleaning products based on the tasks you plan to do.
  • A timer.
  • Things to help you prep, such as a trash can.

Tips to Get You Started

Tip #1: Make it entertaining!

If you plan to do several 5-minute sessions in a row, consider making it fun by incorporating things you enjoy and can do simultaneously. Just make sure whatever you choose doesn’t leave you feeling inclined to stop and watch or listen to whatever the entertainment is.

It could be music, Podcasts, YouTube videos, or audiobooks. You can even use songs, videos, or programs like Audible’s timer feature to time your sessions.

Tip #2: Pay Attention to How Long Things Take for Future Reference.

The cool part about working along to a timer or keep track is that you really get a feel for how long things really take, rather than how long we often build them up for in our heads. This is more so for those who don’t like cleaning and tend to procrastinate. Or even if you find yourself stalling on specific tasks.

Tip #3: Don’t Be Afraid to Stack Spring Cleaning Chores or Tasks.

If you find yourself finishing things sooner or don’t mind doing several sessions at once, consider stacking related chores. For instance, before you clean the sink, try to clean the garbage disposal. If you’re going to run the dishwasher, why not toss those grates, microwave parts, or filters in there too? Get creative and have fun with it.

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5-Minute Spring Cleaning Tasks

Do these in whatever order works best for you, though try to consider how some chores may affect other areas. For example, if you clean the upper cabinets before working on anything below them, you’ll avoid messing up whatever work you do underneath them.

You can expand or contract the blue tabs to shrink or expand the information and tips regarding each task for a more customizable reading experience. Just click on them or the white arrow to the right.

Note: Some of these tasks may also take longer than 5 minutes. This may depend on the size of your kitchen, the number of cabinets, windows, how much clutter there is, and many other factors. Just do what you feel comfortable with. If need be, do the rest when you have time or increase the amount of time to 10 or 15 minutes.

1. Declutter a countertop, if not your entire counter space.

If there’s one thing that can slow down someone’s cleaning efforts, it’s having too much clutter to move, work around, or clean. And that’s before we even actually start to clean the room as initially planned.


Set a 5-minute timer to declutter even just one counter, or one section of a counter, removing items that you don’t need or that don’t bring you joy when you see them in the room.

This includes appliances and kitchen tools that you could put away. If you have a small kitchen or finish early, clear another counter area during the remaining time.


  1. Your kitchen will naturally look better, cleaner, and feel more inviting and comfortable to be in.
  2. You’ll have less to clean up for last-minute or even pre-planned visits.
  3. You and other members of your household will detect messes more easily, thanks to fewer distractions. Plus, when the counters are clean and clear, even the messiest folks will be less likely to leave obvious messes behind. This one was huge for my household.
  4. There’s less work involved when cleaning your counters due to less mess, making the task faster, easier, and a lot less tedious to do.
  5. You’ll have fewer visual distractions, helping you to focus better, spot what needs your attention and feel more at ease.
  6. With less clutter, you’ll be less visually overstimulated and, therefore, a lot less stressed, even on a subconscious level.
  7. Less visual competition means your favorite knickknacks will be showcased more than usual.
  8. You’ll likely get more of a mood boost when you enter the space, feeling more accomplished and further helping to fuel your day.
  9. The kitchen will be much easier to maintain.
  10. When items aren’t left out to gather dust every single day, that means less for you to clean later.

Tip #1

If possible, try removing appliances that you don’t regularly use several days out of the week. Try to store them in a drawer or cabinet, where they’re still easy to access yet still out of sight and out of mind.

For instance, if you drink tea or coffee every day, then leave those items out. But, unless you use things like the toaster every day, consider putting it away until you need it. It will also keep dust from collecting inside the toaster, which sounds a bit more appetizing anyway.

Tip #2

If you leave spices out, consider storing them away, such as by using a space-saving organizer or inexpensive storage bin. If you have a lot of spices to stash away, consider reducing things down to what you truly use. Spices also tend to expire far sooner than many people expect. You can also check out our hands-on product review on the YouCopia SpiceStack Adjustable Organizer for some inspiration.

2. Clean the backsplash.


This one’s pretty self-explanatory and easy to do. Scrub your backsplash with warm water and a degreasing soap—especially if you haven’t clean your backsplash in quite a while. Wipe clean when done, and feel free to use your favorite cleaning method otherwise.

If you are reasonably consistent or don’t do a lot of frying or cooking, you should be able to get away with a microfiber cloth that’s a little bit damp and some warm water.

Tip #1

Issues with dirty grout? If so, you can still use the 5-minute Method or work in increments of 10 minutes if it’s easier for you. Simply work one section at a time.

We love using Mrs. Meyer’s Lemon Verbena Baking Soda Cream Cleaner, which is essentially a pre-mixed baking soda paste that somewhat looks and acts like Soft Scrub, only with fewer chemicals to worry about.

We also like using the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber when necessary and then wipe the surface clean. They both do a great job when it comes to speeding things up. Plus, you’re getting the added benefit of a fresh and clean-smelling kitchen by the time you’re finished.

3. Clean vents.

Cleaning your vents can be a messy job if not done often enough. Not doing it frequently enough may affect how efficient your heating and cooling system is. It might also affect the air you breathe and cause more dust for you to clean up elsewhere. We always recommend cleaning them several times a year, if not giving them a good, quick swipe at least once a month as you dust.


Spend 5 minutes or less dusting and cleaning your air conditioning or heating vents. If the vents haven’t been cleaned in a long time or have accumulated a lot of dust, you may need to get at them with a cloth, some Q-Tips, or the vacuum cleaner. Severe cases may require a screwdriver to remove it from the wall altogether for proper cleaning.


Tip #1

If you don’t have many vents or finish in less than 5minutes, consider stacking the task by getting other vents within your home done within the remaining minutes left. This can include the bathroom exhaust fan grills.

Tip #2

Consider long, extendable dusters and vacuums to get the job done and to prevent you from having to climb a step ladder or stool. It’ll save you time and eliminate any extra steps or excuses to cause you to procrastinate.

Helpful Habit

Try to dust your vents regularly, making it a part of your dusting routine each week, or even just once a month. It will keep you from having to detail clean them later on and without making a considerable mess at the same time.

It also looks a lot tidier and can be better for your environment and overall health. Don’t forget to switch out your AC and heating filter every 2-3 months as well, depending on the type you use and how often you run your system.

4. Dust walls and ceiling.

Although this is entirely optional, it can be beneficial to dust your walls and ceilings at least once a year, if not more. More so in the kitchen, where we prepare our food.

And if you plan to clean or wash your walls later, this is a significant step to consider doing first so that you can avoid the dreaded wet lint stage and can better remove loose debris and dirt.


Clean your walls and ceiling using anything from a broom with a piece of cloth attached to it, down to something as simple as a long-handled duster, the Swiffer 360, a dry microfiber mop, or even a floor dust mop.

Tip #1

Get creative! Believe it or not, floor tools can often work pretty great for dusting your walls. I love using a clean, dry floor dust mop for dusting our walls, like my go-to Floor and Wall Duster by E-Cloth, which does the ceiling well.

You could also try something like the Swiffer 360 Duster, which is easily one of my favorite cleaning tools, works great on walls, baseboards, and pretty much everything else. I know some folks who attach microfiber cloths to their Oxo Tub & Tile Scrubber.

Tip #2

Try to dust your walls at least once, if not twice, a year to keep your walls looking and smelling fresh, clean, and grime-free.

Tip #3

If you have a big kitchen or feel that the job will take longer than 5 minutes, break it up by doing one wall or part at a time. You can always tackle the next 5-minute part later in the day, once you have more time or energy, or the following day.

5. Dust cabinet fronts and baseboards.

I try to dust at least once a week these days, especially since we have white cabinets and leave our windows open a lot more than we used to. It’s mainly so I can avoid a lot of mess later on, and because it only an extra minute.

I love that it’s quick, easy, and saves me from scrubbing or doing heavy detail cleaning later. I just wipe them clean every so often with a lightly damp E-cloth.


Dust the outside of your cabinetry, including on top of the upper cabinets when possible. Always try to get those baseboards too. It should only take a minute or two, depending on the size of your kitchen and if you hustle. Then you’re all set!

Tip #1

Make sure to use a dusting tool that attracts dust and debris well since it can save you time. It also tends to be more efficient and far less messy.

Typical dust-busting dusters include Swiffer products, such as the Swiffer 360, microfiber products, and dusting cloths.

I love the Swiffer 360 due to the way it speeds up the dusting process by preventing dust from going everywhere or getting left behind. I also can speed up the process while avoiding the need to move everything on the shelves during my quick weekly dusting, saving the more detailed work for later.

Tip #2

Don’t forget to dust underneath your upper cabinets, including any under-the-cabinet lights.

Helpful Habit

Consider adding this super-quick task to your weekly or monthly routine to reduce how often you have to scrub or detail clean your cabinet and drawer fronts, as well as to reduce grease buildup and odors. The longer dust sits, the more likely time and the humidity in the air will cause it to stick more to surfaces.

6. Clean floormats and rugs.


Spend five minutes or less shaking out, vacuuming, hosing down, or tossing any rugs or doormats you might have in the area in the washer if safe to do so.

Tip #1

Save time later on, or use up those spare minutes during your 5-minute Challenge, by getting all doormats or machine-washable rugs on the same floor of your home done at the same time. Particularly if the cleaning methods are similar and while you’re motivated.

7. Clean the microwave, inside and out.

While most people hate cleaning the microwave, it’s also one of those things super-quick and easy if you do it consistently.

How easy? How about a quick swipe of a barely-damp microfiber cloth once a day, or even weekly (worst case) for maintenance cleaning? Then giving it a good sanitizing cleaning every now and then for less than 5 minutes once a month using soap and water, if desired or necessary?

But, for now, we’re just starting with an easy 5-minute job.



For this 5-minute spring-cleaning mission, if you have a lot of cake-on mess, you may wish to prep the unit before setting your 5-minute timer. To do this, use a bowlful of water—or, better yet, lemon water—in your microwave and set the timer for one minute. You can also try to use a damp sponge.

This helps to steam and soften the microwave. Carefully remove the bowl or sponge once cool enough and scrub with soap and water, rinse clean when finished. You can also throw the turn-ring and microwave plate on and soak it in the sink with soapy water, or toss it in the dishwasher right before running.

Tip #1

Steaming the microwave by nuking a bowlful of water before cleaning your microwave is a great way to soften stuck-on messes.

Tip #2

Always try to use food-safe cleaners when cleaning the microwave. Good ole soap and water, if not a microfiber cloth with plain water, works just as well too.

Tip #3

If it helps, toss the removable parts of the microwave inside the dishwasher before running it. It almost feels like cheating or a shortcut, in a way, but it also primes you to clean the microwave while the other parts are already getting washed.

Helpful Habit #1

Try wiping the inside of your microwave whenever you know it’s been used or if you witness the dreaded splatter of doom. We promise: it actually saves a lot of time and effort to get to the mess when it’s fresh rather than later, once it’s solidified—or petrified, for all you professional stragglers—and becomes one with the microwave.

Helpful Habit #2

Try keeping a clean microfiber cloth nearby and lightly damp nearby (i.e., at the kitchen sink) for such instances. It’s a great lazy person’s best friend since there are no extra steps necessary since you just use water.


The benefit of cleaning is that you can easily make time for it by breaking things down into segments that fit your schedule. After all, a good cleaning schedule–even in the face of spring cleaning projects–should work around you, not the other way. Starting with these 21 easy spring cleaning kitchen tasks you can do in 5 minutes or less is a great place to start.

And if you don’t get a task or project done in 5 minutes, that’s okay! Or if you feel you want to keep going, then definitely go for it. Just make sure that it’s something you want to do rather than feel you have or need to do.

As long as you keep at it, you’ll eventually get there, and the more you do it–whether once or twice a year, or even more often–the quicker and more efficient you’ll get it all done.

Check Part 2 of our spring cleaning kitchen challenge and as we cover 13 other 5-minute spring cleaning chores you can do around the home. And if you’re looking for even more spring cleaning ideas, check out these related posts.

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