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If you’re thinking about doing some spring cleaning and lack the motivation or find yourself wondering, “how do I clean my bedroom in the Spring?” give these 19 fast and easy spring cleaning chores for the bedroom a try.

Our goal is to help you break items down into more manageable pieces, which should only take 5 minutes or less each, depending on the size and state of your bedroom. We also provide how-to instructions, helpful habits, and tips to make the cleaning process easier for you, now and in the future, or even just a regular old kitchen timer.

We also offer tips for those who might suffer from a bad back, hips, and joints, as well as individuals who might struggle to sit on their knees or to get up or down from the floor.

Always feel free to do them at your leisure, and don’t forget to bookmark us so you can come back to where you last left off.

In this post…

What to Do:

  1. Pick at least one out of these 19 spring cleaning chores for the bedroom and try to complete it in 5 minutes.
  2. Plan ahead by knowing what you’ll be working on as well as how you’ll be going about it.
  3. Prep the area with whatever you’ll need, such as a trash bin, donation box/bag, cleaning products, tools, step stool, duster, etc.
  4. Set a timer for five minutes or longer if desired.
  5. Try to clean without stopping or getting distracted.
  6. Clean as fast as you’re able to move.
  7. Treat it as a game.
  8. Allow enough time to clean up after you’re finished, or opt to go 5 minutes longer before you begin.
  9. Whatever you don’t finish can be moved to the next day or even later in the day.
  10. If you want to go longer than 5 minutes, avoid going too long since the goal is to set more manageable timeframes.
  11. Try merging sessions. For instance, if you were to work in the kitchen, you could do a few drawers for 5 minutes and then work on the microwave and whatever else for another five.

What You’ll Need:

  • Whatever items you’ll be using to clean.
  • A timer.
  • Anything that will help prevent extra trips (i.e., trashcan, step ladder, etc.).
  • A donation bag (optional).

Tips to Get You Started and Motivated

1. Make It Entertaining!

If you think you’ll be going longer than 5 minutes, or hope to do more than one task or challenge at a time, make things fun for yourself by adding entertainment you can do at the same time. However, make sure you won’t get distracted by whatever entertainment you choose.

Some popular types of entertainment typically include music, YouTube videos, podcasts, the news, or audiobooks. You can also use songs, videos, or programs like Audible’s timer feature to time sessions.

2. Pay Attention to How Long Cleaning Projects Take

People commonly overthink how long cleaning chores will take, leading to procrastination, ineffective cleaning routines, and practices—all of which can lead to actually cleaning taking more time than it needs to, all while adding more stress to your life.

By keeping track of how long chores take, you’ll better understand what to expect, know how to plan accordingly, and may feel less overwhelmed or likely to procrastinate.

3. Combine Spring Cleaning Bedroom Chores

If you finish before your 5 minutes are up, consider doing other similar chores back-to-back.

For instance, if you plan to dust the baseboards, perhaps consider doing anything above the baseboard level first to avoid having dust and debris fall onto areas where you’ve already cleaned. That pesky, Gravity!

Have fun with it, experiment, and get creative. I love turning it into a game to see how much I can really get done in x-amount of time.

5-minute Spring Cleaning Chores for the Bedroom

Do these bedroom-themed spring cleaning chores in whatever order makes sense to you. But try to move in a direction that saves you time and effort. As an example, it helps to work in the same direction throughout the room (clockwise vs. counter-clockwise) and from top to bottom. This way, you won’t have to clean an area or item more than once. You’ll also be less likely to skip over things by accident.

Depending on the size of your room and the number of items in it, some chores on the list may take longer than 5 minutes. Again, customize the challenge or task to suit your preference, household needs, and schedule.

If you need to break down some projects into even smaller chunks, feel free. You can also do more at once or spread it out throughout the day, week, month, or even quarter. Don’t forget to bookmark us so you can finish out the room at your own pace.


Don’t forget that you can expand and contract each task to see more or less information. Under each task, you’ll also spot helpful habits and spring cleaning tips about certain chores.

1. Tidy and declutter the room.

Decluttering can be ideal for making your home look and feel cleaner and more comfortable. It can also speed up your cleaning time and help you spot areas that need your attention while you clean.

You may even find that you’ll sleep better, have better focus, and feel less stress due to fewer distractions and less visual stimulation. Even in the bedroom, having a decluttered space can make you feel more productive and proactive throughout your life and day.


Declutter the area before you begin spring cleaning chores in the bedroom. Don’t worry about the interior of anything (i.e., drawers or cabinets). Just focus on the actual room.

Depending on how many items you have and how frequently or well you clean the room normally, it should only take a few minutes. If you need more time or want to work on it throughout the week, adjust accordingly.

Before starting your timer, pick a place for items to go as you declutter. These items might include anything you need to put away, donate, repurpose, or deal with in whatever way you see fit, whether after you’re finished cleaning or later.

Create bags, bins, or designated spots for like items to go until you can get to them later. Such things might include:

  1. A hamper for laundry, if necessary
  2. A donation box or bag.
  3. A bag, bin, or hamper for items you need to take elsewhere in the house once you’re done with your challenge(s). This might include toys, clothing, towels, etc.

Set the timer for five or so minutes and try to finish before your time is up. If you start in the bedroom and have time left over, see if you can squeeze one of the tasks below in before the time is up. Or try to hurry and put away items you just decluttered that still need to be put away.

Tip #1

Tote-ly awesome hack: As mentioned in the kitchen and dining 5-minute spring cleaning posts, one of our favorite cleaning hacks is to have laundry hampers, totes, or baskets around with me as we clean and/or declutter a room.

This way, you can save a couple of trips going back and forth. And, as mentioned above, you can easily cart items to their next destination with ease.

We previously did an in-depth review of our favorite go-to basket to use: the Clevermade Laundry Tote 2-Pack set from Costco (review link).

We love Clevermade laundry hamper’s sturdy metal frame and how it effortlessly snaps closed for compact storage. They’re easy to stash away behind couches, between the washer and dryer, car seats, under furniture, or in closets, and are quick to grab.

We keep several of the Clevermade hampers hidden throughout the house just for the sake of decluttering. Doing so gives me fewer excuses to blow things off, and it’s super-convenient.

I’m actually thinking about getting one of their adorable Luxe versions, which comes with a shoulder strap or insulation (optional), and several cute patterns to choose from. If you have one already, let me know what you think down in the comments.

Either way, any hamper, basket, or bag will do.

Tip #2

KonMari: If you struggle with getting rid of items that you no longer need, we recommend checking out The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. She has some pretty awesome decluttering and folding methods, along with other household issues.

2. Dry dust the room.



Take a little time to dust your room thoroughly. We recommend using something like the Swiffer 360 or another type of stick-styled duster that extends that does with attracting dust, such as a microfiber duster.

The main goal is to get as much dirt, lint, and debris off all surfaces in the room as possible. However, you don’t have to be super-meticulous either, providing you’re willing to go back to clean the surface later, which is actually a lot easier than it sounds.

This should speed up the cleaning process once it’s time to wipe everything down for a deep spring cleaning.

Examples of items to dust:

  • Walls and ceiling
  • Any light fixtures, switches, outlets, and vents
  • Furniture as well as under or around furniture
  • Wood trim, such as baseboards and doors
  • Wall decor and other decorating pieces in the room


Dry dusting is excellent to do before using any cleaning product or doing any wet dusting, such as using furniture polish and cloth or water and microfiber cloth. It helps remove dirt and lint that can stick to surfaces once wet, making cleaning more difficult.

5. Dust and clean baseboards.


Spring cleaning time is a good chance to dust and clean your baseboards in your bedroom if you haven’t already.

Keeping up on the baseboards and trim, even just dusting-wise, can make them easier and faster to clean throughout the year. This is due to dust and dirt having less of a chance to stick to surfaces. Above all, it can make a significant impact on how your bedroom looks and feels.

Tip #1

bedroom spring cleaning with an ocedar mop for baseboards
Check out hands-on O-Cedar Spin Mop and recap review here for more details.

Drop that base: Try spending a few minutes detailing your baseboards by hand if you’ve not done them in a while.

When you’re done, you can work toward doing regular maintenance cleaning, such as by dusting them at least once a month so that they stay cleaner for longer.

Use a good-quality microfiber cloth and a little bit of water to speed up the process. Make sure to wring it out wellyou only need a small amount of water to allow the microfiber to attract dirt and dust, but not so much that the water clogs up the fibers before any dust or dirt can attach to them.

Tip #2

When in doubt, cheat: As with walls, you can use a lightly damp mop on baseboards to speed things up if you choose—more so if you dust and/or clean them consistently. We love this trick for maintenance cleaning, but if you haven’t cleaned your baseboards in a while, you may need to clean them by hand first initially. You can then follow up with a maintenance schedule (i.e., dusting during weekly chores or at least once a month; clean quarterly).

This is also an excellent trick to use if you suffer from a bad back or hips, or if you struggle to kneel on the floor, which are all issues for me. It’s also extremely quick! We so far love using my O-Cedar Spin Mop on baseboards, but I’m still on the lookout for other options. Play around with what you have and see what works best, but, as mentioned before, do it at your own risk.

Tip #3

Easy does it: Again, the purpose of these 5-minute challenges is to break things down into microtasks. That way, you can fit them into your schedule or might have a better chance of fighting procrastination. If doing one or two baseboards is all you can do for the day, no worries! Go at your own pace.

11. Wash textiles or fabric items.



While working on your bedroom spring cleaning chores, consider taking a few moments to clean any washable, textile-type items if you have any that need some tidying up.

This is also an excellent time to deal with any clutter that you don’t use, need, or that might belong someplace else. Such items can include shoes, coats, toys, and even dismembered pet toys.

We also like to include wiping down other types of wipeable surfaces, such as faux plants or baskets that can be cleaned by hand or according to the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Examples of textiles or washable items that can be cleaned:

  • Small, machine-washable rugs or doormats, including doormats that can be hosed off outside. However, we cover this in the next few steps.
  • Window treatments
  • Coasters
  • Toys
  • Sports gear
  • Pet gear
  • Seat cushions
  • Artificial plants
  • Baskets


To wash or not to wash: If you love artificial plants, try to consider how hard they might be to keep clean before purchasing them.

Some types, such as silk, might be too fragile and will require special cleaning. Other, often less expensive types can be wiped down with a lightly damp cloth or run under the tap. Any excess water can be shaken off and left to air dry.

I call this “watering” my plants. The more often you do it, the easier they are to clean. So don’t let the grime buildup. We love places like HomeGoods, Target, and Amazon have great and affordable artificial plants. Plus, they’re usually a breeze to clean regularly. HomeGoods is always my favorite since their plants can look so realistic yet tend to be wipeable or rinse-off-able too.


Completing your spring cleaning chores for the bedroom can be quick and straightforward to do. Sometimes, the key is to do it in smaller increments so you don’t feel overwhelmed, or even so you can fit it into your busy life and schedule.

Plus, doing small jobs in 5 or even 20 minutes, particularly with a timer, can help you focus and move faster, all while causing the project itself to feel less intimidating. It’s ideal for both the busy and the procrastinators alike.

You may even be able to finish in one day simply by following some of the tips we covered. And the more you stay on top of it, the faster spring cleaningor even just cleaning in generalbecomes.

  1. Give yourself a set amount of time to finish a task. It will help you get things done in a faster more focused manner.
  2. Set a timer, make a timed music playlist, or listen to x-amount of pages or chapters of your favorite audiobook to pace yourself.
  3. Treat it like a game and move as fast as you can.
  4. Prep the space before starting.
  5. Stack more than one session or task on top of other ones if you want to clean for a longer time period. Sometimes mixing things up makes cleaning feel less tedious and boring.
  6. Break jobs that might take you longer than five minutes into smaller sessions or continue later on if you need or wish to.
  7. Make things entertaining by listening to distraction-free music, Podcasts, audiobooks, or shows and videos that you won’t feel the need to watch.

Interested in more? Don’t forget to check out our other Spring Cleaning posts and other 5-minute cleaning challenges, such as Part One our post on 21 Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tasks..

Are you spring cleaning this year? Where’s your favorite place to start? Comment down below!

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